Copywrite – Yasiin Bey (video)

Copywrite and Suroc quietly dropped a new EP called Murderland which you can score on iTunes now.  Copywrite is easily one of the most consistent in the underground and imo makes nothing but quality music. The videos quite interesting as well its been 4 or 5 years since I’ve seen Copywrite, his clothing style has changed slightly as he’s rocking what looks like female socks with Huck Finn pants and a blonde ponytail, truly awesome. Perhaps it’s his best Mos Def impression truly an incredible troll if so.  And “smoke more wax than action bronson”.

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The HipHopHeads Podcast Live! (Episode 105)

hiphopheads 105 The HipHopHeads Podcast Episode 105! Tune in Live @ 9 PM EST on Ustream, Mixlr and Twitch!
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24 Live Another Day Was Terrible

24 came back a few months ago after what seemed like a 10 year break and I was all like,
shut up

Jack Bauer was looking old and slow but he seemed to be more bad ass and crazier than ever!
Old bauer
He even sonned that dude who was on The Wire that left bodies in the vacant buildings.
Wire 24
Jack was back to his old ways killing people without question or sometimes questioning then killing.
Crazy Jack
The latest installment had its surprises but they weren’t all good like Chloe being the girl with the dragoon tattoo.
Chloe Dragon Tattoo

The one guy you had hope for was Benjamin Bratt. They brought in a big gun and it misfired.

Momma Stark was the villain with weapons of Mass Destruction
Momma Stark

They fake killed the president and even I was like whoah!

But the Russian from Game of Thrones wasnt having it and she and her son went for a quick fly out the window.
Bauer Throw
Bauer Throw 2

Oh no! Cheng is back! But hes supposed to be dead.

Then Audrey was on the fence and she got touched!
Audrey Sniped
Heller went down,
Heller Down

And Chuck/Dexter’s girl had the worst day ever
Dexter Girl

Jack got the call…
Jack sad

Jack nuts
And then jack went all,

Jack Cleaver
Then Jack found Cheng and he went all medieval,
Samurai Jack.
Samurai Jack

On 2nd thought it wasnt all bad haha

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