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R.I.P. Sohail Ameri

Last night I’m driving home and came to a traffic stop and decided to check TheCrypt Forums to see whats crackin’ with my Internet brothers. When immediately the thread title R.I.P. Sohail caught my eye… Sohail has been a member since the start 2003 and we probably all knew him prior to that via the Necro forums, we’re goin’ back over ten years. This man had a personality and a sense of humor that was nearly unmatched, his travels, his stories, his demons, he shared it all with us. Sohail would take time away from the site some times long stretches for months but he’d comeback and we’d be ready to hear about the latest shenanigans that he got himself into. Although we’ve all known Sohail for so many years over the Internet, we all felt like we knew him in real life, and he was a guy you could talk to about anything, many of our members kept in contact with him via phone and some even became best friends with him in the physical world.

Sohails sense of humor was dark, edgy, original, and we’ve all laughed out loud with him multiple times over the years, and perhaps some of these jokes transferred over to his stand up comedy career. Sohail had a love for hiphop and even though it was off and on he always had love for TheCrypt/HipHopHeads and the people here. He never hesitated to crack a joke no matter how inappropriate, poking fun at us, himself, and others. Always giving advice like only he could, telling us about his sexscapades, the ability Sohail was a dynamic person, and one of a kind, he was a supporter, a friend, a brother. Rest In Peace Sohail Ameri aka Henry Chinaski aka @unclebusyfinger our community here will never be the same you’ll be remembered for how you lived and changed our lives you’re with Allah now, goodbye my friend we’ll meet again someday.

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