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Episode 37 – Music Video Director Todd Angkasuwan…. for real this time.

Todd Angkasuwan (Ong.Kah.Sue.Juan…get it right fuck faces) came through once again… this time he wasn’t on his way to China so we got to talk about all things music videos… and ask him what he thought about dubstep. Make sure you guys check out You can see the realness.. then cut him a huge check to make your average music stand out.

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Stu Bangas Contest

TONIGHT AT 10 PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME Stu Bangas hosts his Rap Contest LIVE on the Empty Threats Podcast. You still have a little time to join in and drop a verse. All the info about the rules and how to submit as well as the prize can be found at or at Tune in live tonight at and make a free ustream account if you want to join in on the chat and let us know what you think about the submissions.

The Empty Threats Show Episodes 4,5,6 (Apathy, Stu Bangas, Celph Titled, Jake-One)


Slew of guests on these 3 streams I gotta shout out to my people @ Brutal Music Vanderslice and Stu Bangas as well as Dustmightz sorry I havent been able to hook it up I been without net for over a month so im doing my best brothers. Here’s the hook up for the last 3 weeks special guests include, Apathy, Stu Bangas, Celph Titled, and Jake-One.

Empty Threats Podcast – Episode-Four – (8-18-11) Music Submissions and Reviews by GreenSteez

Empty Threats Podcast – Episode-Five Ft. Apathy, Stu Bangaz, and Celph Titled (8-25-11) by GreenSteez

Empty Threats Podcast – Episode-Six ft. Jake One (9-1-11) by GreenSteez