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Voice of Art: Graffiti Against The System (episode 1)

Graffiti is a thriving life force in Oakland. Meet GATS (Graffiti Against The System), an artist for whom the city is one endless canvas to connect with the people. Times are rough in “The O,” as GATS plans to write a poem throughout the city.

Shepard Fairey x Trayvon Martin x Ebony Magazine

White guy Shepard Fairey has had the privilege of gracing the cover of Ebony Magazine with art this month, here’s what good ol’ Shep had to say about the piece.

In my portrait I wanted to emphasize Trayvon’s humanity as well as the public outcry for a just investigation into his death.

The Photography of Pep Williams

Pep Williams sent me an email asking to check out his work literally thats all the email said, check it out. I liked that it had little to say it made me think this guy doesn’t need to speak for his work. I immediately clicked the link he sent and I read that he was a 3rd generation Dog Town skateboarder and then I looked over and found myself completely blown away and moved by his photography. I’m a guy who takes pictures, I wouldn’t call myself a photographer cuz I don’t believe I’ve earned that right. I’ve taken thousands of photographs over the years, most of them trash, so I can grasp the amount of skill and patience it takes to get that perfect shot. Pep has a very good eye and tons of skill and when his lens finds it’s mark something amazing happens. He’s able to capture breathtaking images of L.A. street culture and bring it off the page and grab you, I grew up in Southern California and it brought me back to when I was a kid. Whether he’s photographing musicians, skaters, landscapes, or people he’ll have you drawn to the page instantly. Check out his work, follow him on twitter and i’ll try and keep you updated on anything he’s doing.

A Tale Of Two Hoodies

This is a painting by Michael D’Antuono it’s called A Tale of Two Hoodies. I like it and I don’t like it. There’s a lot of bullshit in the painting I dont agree with, the picture depicts this same old white on black hate but that guy who murdered Trayvon wasn’t completely white so the KKK references don’t make much sense and the biggest mistake a white hoodie? And not black? Maybe this is the whole two hoodie scheme white vs white hood?