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“Wolf Warriors” Trailer and Review (Scott Adkins)

Tagline: “You’re Nothin’ but a bunch of boyscouts!”

In this installment of VX’s epic action films & trailers we bring you “Wolf Warriors” the legendary action film superstar Scott Adkin’s epic filmed entirely in China. This film proved to me that the east showed they can be every bit as good as the west in action film making. It would be interesting to see what other action stars could shoot over there, Adkins included. The film follows a detachment of elite Chinese soldiers named the “Wolf Warriors”. While the CGI is shaky in some parts, the story telling is done well in presenting the sequence of events. Adkins and his crew are mercenaries brought in for a shady rescue mission. Once he shows up launching a bazooka you know he means business. Adkins could have had more screen time but it’s understandable given the amount of travel he would have had to do in order to finish a project such as this. He also has an extremely bad ass hand to hand sequence where they both have some crazy moves. Definitely check this one out if you were disappointing by Jackie Chan’s “Police Story 2013: (and I was), this should make up for it. Shout out to Scott Adkins, who has his Undisputed 4: Boyka shooting soon!

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Pound of Flesh Trailer & Movie Review

For this installment of VX’s epic action trailers & films I plan to make up for last time. I give you “Pound of Flesh” Jean Claude’s return to the silver screen in all his glory. Most of the plot can be gathered from the trailer, in which JC wakes up in a tub of ice after banging some chick the night before. He has a missing kidney and declares “It’s mine, I want it back.” The backdrop is the city of Manilla, in the Philippines which turns out to be pretty bad ass. Needless to say JC beats the shit out of some people. In one sequence he uses the holy bible to slap around some bouncers in a bar. He also has a pretty sweet split kick while being dragged by a moving car. JC fights his way to a fight club where he puts some mean submissions on fools to show them who’s the boss. The ending sequence is a wild shoot out, with grenades followed by a decent plot twist. Overall i’d give it four out of five ninja stars. While the other actors are sub par, JC definitely gets the job done. Also R.I.P to Darren Shahlavi, he was a rising star in the action scene who passed away shortly after this film was finished at the young age of 42. He was a body guard for many Hollywood actors, and played a great villain. I believe this was the last film he completed he may have also done some work on Kickboxer: Vengeance the soon to be released Kick-boxer reboot. My next review will be Scott Adkin’s China epic “Wolf Warriors”.

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“Absolution” Movie Review

For this installment of VX’s epic action films & and trailers (or in this case epic fail) I give you the Steven Segal shitfest “Absolution”. Man did it suck. It was so bad I don’t even know where to begin. As you can see at one point Segal tells someone that they’re “Hanging around with the wrong people” and then sets off a bomb. The film costars Byron Mann whom you may remember as Ryu from the 1994 Jean Claud epic “Street Fighter”. At least Byron can leave the ground for his kicks unlike Porkchop Segal. The plot is two mercenaries are in the city of Odessa, Ukraine for a reason that is never explained. It basically bites the plot of “Skin Trade” yet is shittier in every way. Segal has mentioned he would like to return to the big screen, but that is going to be difficult with the quality of shit products he has been putting out lately. Vinnie Jones is the best actor in the movie, but only gets 10 minutes screen time because the script and director are both trash. Put it this way, if you read this review you just saved yourself an hour and a half that I will never get back. I will likely be doing a couple more reviews of watchable films to make up for how bad this one was. I believe it has a 4 on IMDB. Out of 5 ninja stars, I am going to give it a 2. Damn you Steven Segal, you fat bastard.

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