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Skin Trade epic action film with Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Michael Jai White and more

For my first installment of VX’s epic action film trailers and reviews I give you “Skin Trade”, and you’re welcome. The film tackles the difficult topic of human trafficking and contains a star studded tasks. Action super star of Expendables and Universal Soldier fame Dolph Lundgren has written the film along with his team. Making the return to action superstardom is thailand martial arts sensation Tony Jaa. Fresh off of furious 7 Tony Jaa’s return is better than ever. Ron Perlman provides his skills as a mobster supervilliam. Michael Jai White and Peter Weller also round out the cast. So the trailer is epic, the cast is epic, what’s not to like you ask? Well nothing. Jaa faces off against everyone in the movie performing some of his signature moves of “The Protector”, and “Ong Bak” lore. Dolph has a few more than bad ass shoot out scenes which reminded me of his work in The Punisher and other early classics. While the special effects could have been better, the editing is actually high quality. It was good to see Michael Jai White back in form, and Peter Weller always has a good performance. It was definitely worth the wait, would be interesting to see what else Dolph and Jaa could do together. “Skin Trade’ is out now, and available for rent on itunes, check it out!

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Godzilla Review


Anyone who knows me really well knows im a Godzilla fan. I been watching Godzilla since I was kid like the rest of the world. I had mixed feelings coming into this Godzilla as i disliked “Monsters.” But the trailers and cast had me in there. I was sold. And it couldnt be as bad as Ferris Bueller’s Godzilla.

First off Godzilla is two hours and it provides a pretty good back story for the characters although who really cares about them when you have King of the Monsters? In the trailers it gave us the impression that Godzilla is the antagonist, hes not. Instead you have two monsters a male and female searching for radioactive waste (that’s their food) to feed their soon to be spawns as momma monster is trying to lay some eggs. Somehow, Godzilla knows these Monsters are no good. Hes got beef and hes coming to collect.

The last samurai knows Godzilla is on the hunt and while the USA is ready to nuke the planet there plan is foiled when the Monsters hijack the bomb to feed the eggs of soon to be cute and cuddly monsters. The last samarai comes up with a brilliant plan let Gojira duke it out with these ugly things. Hell YEAH!

This is where the movie should get incredible, Godzilla beating down monsters that are destroying our lovely planet. Its ok but honestly you cant see much and instead of being focused on Godzillas fight for humanity it focus’s on Kick Ass’s every move. Kick Ass does a whole lot of nothing, I mean seriously he does nothing. If you actually took him out of the movie, his role completely the movie would’ve still played out the same (pretty much). He was just there. This is where the movie fucked up. The monster destruction is on the rise but the fight is on the low you see it on background tvs and on military surveillance but the action wasn’t that direct. Godzilla does kick some ass and when he did it was really really good but honestly you get 3 minutes of Godzilla in 2 hours.

Hopefully this smashes the box office because I’d like to see them go further with Godzilla, maybe have a Mothra appearance next (its been confirmed Godzilla will have a sequel). So please more fighting next time and can we have some fights at day time? It was the same with Pacific Rim it was so dark you couldn’t see the monsters or the fights instead it was pitch black with some lighting effects here and there. So Godzilla was decent it was beautifully shot I thought, it had a decent enough story with a quality cast that didnt really deliver the main character we wanted to see.

3 out of 5

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