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Wu-Tang Clan – Ruckus In B Minor

Wu-Tang Clan releases their 2nd single from the upcoming A Better Tomorrow, whatever happened to their million dollar album nobody bought? Anyways album drops Dec. 2nd and GZA killed this and the TV show theme by Deck was fire.

1. “Ruckus In B Minor”
2. “Felt”
3. “40th Street Black / We Will Fight”
4. “Mistaken Identity”
5. “Hold the Heater”
6. “Crushed Egos”
7. “Keep Watch”
8. “Miracle”
9. “Preacher’s Daughter”
10. “Pioneer the Frontier”
11. “Necklace”
12. “Ron O’Neal”
13. “A Better Tomorrow”
14. “Never Let Go”
15. “Wu-Tang Reunion”

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Wu Tang Clan – Execution in Autumn

The Wu-Tang is in their 20 year anniversary year and although their down one man and aren’t the driving force in hip-hop they once were there’s still denying their greatness and the gods still got it. You can scoop this download for free via bandcamp, and also scoop the limited 7″ of this for as little as 50¢ (shipping is $10). Tempting? Take listen the W goes in on this Frank Dukes produced track.