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Review: Attack The Block


Attack the Block is a film I’ve had been waiting months to see and it finally arrived in Boston this week. Me and my boy trooped down to the common to check it out last night and damn this was a great a movie! It was straight forward, not a lot of filler and no uneccessary scenes. It was bad ass the whole way thru. I hung on every second of this film and even had me jumping out of my seat a few times. The aliens were incredible and mysterious. One observation about sci fi flicks in general, whenever they wanna show an alien they hype it up and you wait the whole movie and you’re usually bummed by the outcome with some corny alien. Attack the block was different in a sense where the aliens really can’t be seen even when there right on top of you so it always left the mystery kinda wide open yea you know what the aliens look like but you really don’t know.

Well if I were you (reader) id see this movie pronto, I know its not a wide release, but I have a feeling this movie is gonna blow the fuck up via netflix and other online sources. Attack the block I feel will be a household name very soon, and for good reason the movie had it all, and it did it well. Loved the slang in the movie as well reminded of the mid nineties hip hop era in a way, from the dress and the speech it was quite refreshing. Attack the Block was A+ and I suggest you get on it right awayy.