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Dustmightz – Nothing Lasts Forever (album stream)

Man, Dustmightz (Jigsaw) and I go back to the 90s. To say I sweat this dudes production is an understatement. But now Y’all can see what my hypes been about. Dustmightz after years of development is delivering Nothing Lasts Forever. Im so excited for this release and I’m so happy for Dust for finally completing his passion project. Give it in a spin and support if you can.

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Beat Tape: Sunny Kang – Thirsty Thursday

Sunny Kang hit me up this afternoon asking me to check out his latest offering called “Thirsty Thursday” and in the rare occurrence that I actually opened and responded to an email I thought why not follow through. I cracked a beer and gave Thirsty Thursday a quick listen as it is quick listen in coming just over 10 minutes. Sunny Kang makes his music using Abelton and an Akai MPK and the outcome is pretty good, for the most part. The opening track I thought was impressive as there was some dope electric piano sample (perhaps performed live and not a sample?) I enjoyed happy Hour quite a bit as well, drums were raw. 2 things were a miss though, I thought strong bass lines were absent throughout the album, and I don’t think this is really a fault on the part of Sunny as it seems strong bass lines are often missing nowadays from many peoples beats.

My least favorite track was “Juana Break” I did like the vocal but it kinda felt out of place to me. The next two tracks were pretty good too that guitar on “Last Call” was sweet and his flip of the vocal was also fresh which leads me to the last track which Sunny freshly flipped “Dabrye” and “Doom” collabo track called “air”. If you’re familiar with the OG version you’ll know it’s dope as fuck. Sunny flipped this pretty nicely, I think the vocal effects were a real nice touch, throwing some Mad Villain in there on a make shift hook was original and dope, nice job. Overall Sunny KANG did a fine job and we’ll definitely try and feature more of his stuff here on the site. Shoutout to Queens! and Peace to the Johnny Walker cover.

Thirsty Thursday Instrumental Album by SunnyKANG