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Meyhem Lauren – Mandatory Brunch Meetings (mixtape)


More free fly shit from Meyhem Lauren. These Queens kids owned 2012, I told everyone years ago to watch out.

01. Mandated Participants (prod. by ATG)
02. 10 Dollar Lap Dances (prod. by Harry Fraud)
03. Get That Money Black (prod. by DJ Two Stacks & Nova)
04. Kelly Kapowski (prod. by ATG)
05. Thousand Dollar Gym Shoes feat. Action Bronson (prod. by Tommy Mas)
06. Silk And Leather Rap feat. Gabbie Giftsz (prod. by ATG)07. Cedar Plank Salmon (prod. by DJ Uneek)
08. Beautiful Areolas (prod. by J-Love)
09. Brand Name Marijuana (prod. by Alchemist)
10. Stewed Rabo feat. Action Bronson & AG Da Coroner (prod. by Tommy Mas)
11. Burgundy Guess Jeans (prod. by ATG)
12. Persian Rugbys (prod. by Mike Finito)
13. Secret Angle (prod. by Falside)
14. Brooklyn Queens Day feat. Maffew Ragazino (prod. by ATG)
15. Carvel feat. Heems, Lakutis & Ness (prod. by Mike Finito)
16. Guns In The Playpen feat. Gabbie Giftsz (prod. by Icerocks)
17. FDR Music feat. Carrie Wilds & Hologram (prod. by ATG)

Meyhem Lauren – Respect The Fly Shit

Last night on the show we reviewed Meyhem Laurens new FREE album Respect The Fly Shit, Bonafied didn’t have a copy yet and I assumed some of you’s didn’t either. The album is fully produced by Harry Fraud and Tommy Mas. Check out this beast of an album and so far one 2012’s best! We gave it a good 4/5 tell us what you think of the album.

01. Meyhem Lauren, “Fingerless Driving Gloves” (Prod. by Tommy Mas and Harry Fraud)
02. Meyhem Lauren f. AG Da Coroner and Action Bronson, “Drug Lords” (Prod. by Harry Fraud)
03. Meyhem Lauren f. Hologram, “Top Of The World” (Prod. by Tommy Mas)
04. Meyhem Lauren f. AG Da Coroner, Action Bronson and Despot, “Pan Seared Tilapia” (Prod. by Tommy Mas)
05. Meyhem Lauren f. Heems and Action Bronson, “Special Effects” (Prod. by Harry Fraud)
06. Meyhem Lauren f. Action Bronson and AG Da Coroner, “BBQ Brisket” (Prod. by Harry Fraud)
07. Meyhem Lauren f. Sean Price, “Grown Man Palettes” (Prod. by Harry Fraud)
08. Meyhem Lauren f. Action Bronson and Roc Marciano, “Peruvian Deserts” (Prod. by Tommy Mas)
09. Meyhem Lauren f. AG Da Coroner, Heems and Riff Raff, “Juevos Rancheros” (Prod. by Harry Fraud)
10. Meyhem Lauren f. Smoke DZA, J-Love and Thirstin Howl III, “Radioactive Tuna” (Prod. by Harry Fraud)
11. Meyhem Lauren, “Lets Hold Hands” (Prod. by Tommy Mas)
12. Meyhem Lauren, “Peace Dad” (Prod. by Tommy Mas)

The HipHopHeads Podcast (episode 15) presents The HipHopHeads Podcast Episode 15. Tonight’s episode we do a live review of Meyhem Laurens new album Respect The Fly Shit. We also talked some other shit, I just cant remember what it was so I guess you’ll have to listen.

01. La Coka Nostra – Mind Your Business
02. Talkin’ Ish 01
03. Vinnie Paz – Cheesesteaks
04. Talkin’ Ish 02
05. Meyhem Lauren – Fingerless Driving Gloves
06. Talkin’ Ish 03
07. Meyhem Lauren – Drug Lords
08. Talkin’ Ish 04
09. Meyhem Lauren – Pan Seared Tilapia
10. Talkin’ Ish 05
11. Meyhem Lauren – Special Effects
12. Talkin’ Ish 06
13. Meyhem Lauren – BBQ Brisket
14. Talkin’ Ish 07
15. Meyhem Laren – Grown Man Palettes
16. Talkin’ Ish 08
17. Meyhem Lauren – Peruvian Desserts
18. Talkin’ Ish 09
19. Meyhem Lauren – Juevos Rancheros
20. Talkin’ Ish 10
21. Meyhem Lauren – Radioactive Tuna
22. Talkin’ Ish 11
23. Meyhem Lauren – Let’s Hold Hands
24. Talkin’ Ish 12
25. Meyhem Lauren – Peace Dad
26. Talkin’ Ish 13
27. Mr Muthafuckin eXquire – Lou Ferrigno Mad
28. Talkin’ Ish 14