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The Opposition (Shaz Illyork x Spit Gemz) – Rules of Engagement (mixtape)

The Opposition just put out their new mixtape which I got yesterday and today I’m giving it to you! Shit is pretty solid I went through about half of it last night, I really enjoyed the joint with Nems. Anyways check it out below, don’t sleep on these kids.

01. Karl Marx
02. My Demeanor (prod. Alter Beats)
03. Goin Nowhere (prod. Detek)
04. Kingly Virtues (Interlude)
05. Rambo Knife (prod. Ghetto Blaster)
06. Last Anti Hero
07. Make Me Laugh (Interlude)
08. Hawks & Animals f. Nems Guttah & Starvin B (prod. Larry-Lo)
09. G-Stacks f. Mitchell Aims (prod. Primary)
10. Mystic Moves f. Action Bronson & Timeless Truth (prod. Don Producci)
11. Recognize Ill (prod. LowCut)
12. Whiteowl (prod. CeeJae)
13. Cash Rules (prod.y Nick woj)
14. Hammers On Standby f. Mitchell Aims
15. Lifes Hard (prod. DJ Cause)
16. Destiny & Greatness (Interlude)
17. Bloodshed (prod. Larry-Lo)
18. Air Unlimited (DJ Unexpected Remix)
19. 3ralution (prod. Night Prowler)
20. Babies With Razors f. Starvin B & G.S. Advance