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Pete Nice Pleads Guilty To Not Paying Taxes

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So Prime Minister Pete Nice failed to pay his state income taxes so they slapped him with a misdemeanor. He failed to pay in 2009,2010, and 2011 and now has to pay 13g’s to the man. FYI: Did you know Pete Nice is a baseball historian, an author of a book on baseball and owns a baseball card shop in Cooperstown? He also owes around $200,000 for some other shady dealings. The Prime Minister should get diplomatic immunity.

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Mudbones aka Cage – Mudbones Madness (DEMO EP 1992)

So Cage as a youngster got up with Pete Nice and made his first album Mudbones btw his name was Keige back then.. These tracks were released/made in 1992-1994 and to my knowledge were never officially released. I havent seen this album for download so figured I’d put it up for ya’s. The quality probably isnt the best, but oh well. Also put a bonus on here with the Mind Is KInda Morbid Demo.