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“Wolf Warriors” Trailer and Review (Scott Adkins)

Tagline: “You’re Nothin’ but a bunch of boyscouts!”

In this installment of VX’s epic action films & trailers we bring you “Wolf Warriors” the legendary action film superstar Scott Adkin’s epic filmed entirely in China. This film proved to me that the east showed they can be every bit as good as the west in action film making. It would be interesting to see what other action stars could shoot over there, Adkins included. The film follows a detachment of elite Chinese soldiers named the “Wolf Warriors”. While the CGI is shaky in some parts, the story telling is done well in presenting the sequence of events. Adkins and his crew are mercenaries brought in for a shady rescue mission. Once he shows up launching a bazooka you know he means business. Adkins could have had more screen time but it’s understandable given the amount of travel he would have had to do in order to finish a project such as this. He also has an extremely bad ass hand to hand sequence where they both have some crazy moves. Definitely check this one out if you were disappointing by Jackie Chan’s “Police Story 2013: (and I was), this should make up for it. Shout out to Scott Adkins, who has his Undisputed 4: Boyka shooting soon!

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R.I.P. Bai Jing

Kung Fu actress Bai Jing was murdered this week by her billionaire husband who later killed himself. The story goes that Bai Jing was in with the Triads and there was a plot to steal this guys money, dude found out and killed her. Who knows what the real story is but its a sad one. Bai Jing was a good actress who possessed incredible Kung Fu skills, so much so it’s said Bai Jing trained in Wing Chun for 6 months and was accepted as the first mainland student of Wing Chun master Ip Chun, son of the famous Ip Man. The clip of her below is from Kung Fu Wing Chun and shes battling the great Collin Chou. To read in depth about this shocking murder suicide check

Films At The Gate: Gallants


I’m at films at the gate deep in chinatown with Ben Nice. They’re playing the honk kong action comedy gallants and its really fantastic. Underground rapper Jin has a major role in the film and apparently is doing it big acting style in china. He’s quality in it and you shouhld check it out. Films at the gate is going down all weekend as well so if you’re around peep it. More info HERE