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Action Bronson Live @ Church 5-26-11 (pics/video)






Action Bronson came all the way from Queens last night to perform at the Tall Boy 1 Year Anniversary Party presented by PBR. Shit was a blast with great performances by Brick Records artists Moe Pope and Blacastan. Action performed a great set spittin' some fan favorites like Shiraz and Barry Horowitz among many others. The Queens MC's first time in Boston was surely a memorable one atleast for myself. We took a slew of PICS which you can see HERE. Peace to Action Bronson hope you enjoyed your stay in Beantown.


V-Zilla ft Reef The Lost Cauze and Blacastan – Duck Season


Damn I been a V-Zilla fan for years, ever since his collabs with Castro back in the day along with him being a Castro Board member oh the good ol days lol. Anyways V-Zilla is still around and he's teamed up with Blacastan and Reef! This is a trio! Blacastan killed it he speaks to me for real "Round the time Dee Brown did the blind man dunk I was stealing BMX's bullying chumps" Aint that the truth haha



Action Bronson x Blacastan Live @ Church in Boston Tomorrow!

action bronson

You read it right! Action Bronson will be in the place tomorrow headlining his first show in Boston, I hope the Flushing MC has got a B fitted and some Adidas! This is sure to be a fire show and I personally can't wait, Action is one of my favorite MC's right now and I haven't been to Church yet! We'll be in the place to be taking flicks and video of the event so keep an eye out.