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My Main Man Pat: Wu-Tang x Nujabes

My Main Man Pat with a very dope drop this week, Pat if you read this I need that CREAM shirt!

I never thought My Main Man Pat would take it this far. This week marks the end of our second year of existence and you know we got to go out in style. To have these two particular designs up for the occasion means a lot to yours truly and here’s why.

“CREAM” is just plain silly dope. The references are pretty obvious, so obvious that I can’t believe no ones put these two together before. The ski mask just takes it to another level….Ben R, you have humbled us yet again.

Equally excited about Captain Lemon’s latest effort but for different reasons. If any of you are not familiar with the works of Nujabes I haven’t been doing my job. His music wasn’t for everyone but if you like it chances are you fuckin love it, and that is the category I fall into. Real proud to be playing host to this one…REST IN BEATS JUN SEBA.

Also a reminder, we are down to the final four in our reprint contest and I can’t wait to watch these last three battles unfold. We are giving away $100 in free gear to those who make their voices heard so be sure to hit our facebook page Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday evenings to help us pick a winner.

Much respect to you fam, no way we’re here without y’all.



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Observe Durag Dynasty Kill It On Rap Is Outta Control

Durag Dynasty the collective of Planet Asia, FREE Killer Ben, and The GOAT Tri-State. Observe Tri-State and Planet Asia kill shit, oh yea Trife Da God is there too with a couple other dudes.

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R.I.P. Kevlaar 7

R.I.P. Kevlaar 7

In some sad news it seems that Kevlaar 7 has passed away. Probably best known for being a Wu-Tang affiliate MC/Producer with his Brother Bronze Nazareth in the group The Wisemen. I guess Kevlaar had a rare blood disorder of some sort and died from complications from that. It’s a damn shame when talented folks go too soon. Our condolences to Kevlaar and his fam, friends and fans.

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Ghostface Killah ft Kool G Rap, AZ, and Trey Williams – The Battlefield

Ghostface, KGR and AZ? Count me in! In a surprising move Ghostface is gonna try to make a decent Wu release before our hopes and dreams are shattered by The New Wu-Tang album.

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My Main Man Pat: Brooklyn Zoo x Shimmy Shimmy Ya

So I’ve reached to the homie Pat and see if we could help promote his company/site cuz I personally love the idea. Anyone who knows me knows I have a plethora of 1 off shirts. I buy them from sites that sell em for 24hrs + and I usually scoop one or two a week. A few months back I learned of My Main Man Pat. Pat is a hiphophead and he’s started a website that sells hiphop shirts that are original and by great artists. Every week he puts up 2 shirts for sale which are totally original that you can scoop for a reasonable price with free shipping in the USA! New shirts are posted at 12am on Monday or Sunday if you wanna be that guy and I’m gonna do my best to show you the latest offerings from Pats website. So check it out and buy something in a few weeks we’ll be doing a givewaway and you can score a shirt for FREE! If you just want free shit Pats got wallpapers too!

This week’s offerings are Wu-Tang related by Artists READY2RUMBL and Ollie Saward
Brooklyn Zoo

You can scoop either shirt or both if you like HERE

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Final Fantasy x Wu-Tang – The 3-6 Chambers

Wu-Tang and Final Fantasy, I’m sold!

The Wu-Tang Clan, the legendary kings of rap, espers buried deep within their 36th chamber of skill, come forth into a land on the brink of destruction. The evil magic-abusing warlord Kefka holds legions of rappers and producers under his iron grip, using his Slave Crowns to make us work for him. The Wu-Tang are able to free me, but I still have to prove my skills in remixing if I am to join them in battle. Come with me on an audio journey chronicling my love for the Wu-Tang Clan’s music and culture and the story and themes of one of my favorite video games of all time. Happy 20th birthday, Final Fantasy 3-6. You’ve aged extremely well.

I hope this epic conclusion to my mashup trilogy will satisfy both newcomers and fans who have stayed with me throughout all three of the albums. Whether you are a Wu fan, a classic RPG gamer or both, I hope you find plenty to amuse and entertain you here. I love you all dearly, and I thank you so much for your voracious appetite for my music and constant attention towards my new releases, no matter what they are. I hope you keep listening with me in the future.


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