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Ruste Juxx and The Arcitype – Can Only Be Me (video)

Ruste Juxx and The Arcitype are a disgusting duo, dope beats and raw raps is the perfect recipe. “Can Only Be Me” is a dope it also features a singer called “Genius” which i failed to mention in the title as I didnt want anyone to confuse it with GZA/Genius.

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The GZA/Genius Live @ Harvard University Lecture (audio)

The GZA has been in Boston the past fews days visiting the most elite schools in the country picking scientists and other genius brains. The other day he stopped by Harvard University and gave a lecture for the Black Mens Forum and basically told the story of his life. The Crypt was in the place to be and we we’re taking video which was prohibited…. Sadly our video was shot basically at the wall but I was able to extract the audio for your listening pleasure. I wasnt able to catch the whole thing but I got about 30 mins of the event. It was a really cool event and it was really nice to hear the story of the GZA from the GZA.