Boston Freedom Rally 2010 w/ Onyx, Termanology, Myster DL


that's right next Saturday is Boston's 21st Freesom Rally, we'll be in the place to be next week video'ing Onyx and Term among others and this year I'm hoping Knuckles doesnt eat the memory card our footage is on like last year... darn you Knuckles but yea be there and keep an eye out for us.

The Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition is proud to present the 21st Annual Boston Freedom Rally on Saturday, September 18, 2010 at High Noon on the Boston Common. For the second year, there will be music on TWO STAGES!

Join us as we stand strong in the fight for further marijuana law reform in Massachusetts!

With music from ONYX, Tracy Bonham, Planetoid, Prospect Hill, Age Against the Machine, Myster DL, DJ Slim, Casey Desmond, SuperPower, The Force, Amber Ladd, Termanology, Rob Potylo, Bigg Nez, Matalon, ill e. gal, Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket. and more to be announced! Hosted by Dex Ter, host of the Boston Local Music Show on UNRegular Radio.

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