Xbox 360

Towards the end of the summer a terrible thing happened… I lost my internet connection… It didnt run away, I just couldn’t afford it anymore. While Fall drew closer I knew I’d need a new source of entertainment but what? This is when I bought an Xbox360 from a friend who gave me a deal on it with 1 controller and Halo Reach. I’m an old school gamer and the main system I had was a Wii which I waited in-line for all night when it dropped, only to feel disappointed shortly after initial launch due to the abundance of just trash games. My Wii has collected dust for years and it really only gets played maybe once or twice a year and then, there it sits, forgotten.

When I hooked up the Xbox which i only played once or twice prior to buying the system I was blown away by the great graphics and speed of which the games go. It was like Alice entering the rabbit hole just a whole new world. I’m not big on FPS (First Person Shooters) but I’m slowly adjusting because it seems that this is what the majority of games are now. I’ve had the 360 for a few months now and I’ve gone a bit crazy buying games off Amazon Warehouse and Gamefly among other sporadic deals here and there but I have yet to pay over $17 for a game and the cheapest games I’ve gotten hover around $3 or so and a handful of them I got for free.

My collection so far seems to be pretty good, I need a wireless adapter cuz I think I’ll be going LIVE this month do you guys know any other key games I should scoop at a cheap price? So far the 360 is bad ass and I feel like cornball that I’m this late to the party but fugg it atleast I showed up. I’m gonna try and report on some more gaming stuff since I’m not kinda into it and possibly post good deals from time to time.

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