WKCR 54 Min Freestyle Mr.Lif, Cann Ox, El-P, J.Treds, Mr. Len, Murs, Lord Sear, Yak Ballz, Kasim, Lyric, Jean Grae

My homie requested this so I went diggin’ and luckily for him I still had it after all these years. And lucky for you if you havent heard this, for real underground hip-hop history right here, this is where it all started for many. This is the start of Def Jux these dudes went off for an hour. It’s unfortunate many of these MC’s never dropped LP’s on Def Jux but most of em had some classic vinyl cuts via the label and IMO, Cann Ox, Mr. Lif, Murs and El-P all dropped classics on there. I may have missed an MC in the title perhaps it was Breeze Brewin but perhaps that was another cypher. Peace to Bobbito.


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