My Main Man Pat: Outkast x Action Bronson

My Main Man Pat is back, Another week and another couple of shirts for ya’s

I have got to be honest folks, I am pretty happy to have two designs that everybody is going to be loving back on the page. We received a lot of feedback on the police inspired shirts we had up last week, some positive and some not so much. Then the shooting went down in NYC and I was close to pulling the shirts. In the end though, giving the artists an outlet to express themselves is what we’re supposed to be all about and that ended any second thoughts I was having.

I must say this week’s designers have embraced that philosophy. First time collaborator Justin Alejandro has certainly made a strong impression with “Forever Ever”, a line that needed to be illustrated on this site a long time ago.

On the right is something of equal beauty, a creation from the mind of Dutch artist P.Winkel. “Roll With It” is a tribute to one of his favorite Bronsolinio lines and I highly recommend taking this one in on full zoom as it is as intricate as the mans beard.

A very happy holiday to you and yours fam, will be back at you next week.



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