Lord Have Mercy – Sword and Shield (mixtape)

Many years ago Lord Have Mercy the deep voiced spitter from the Flipmode Squad briefly had a website. On that website he hosted this mixtape called Sword and Shield which I believe was the name of his label he was putting out music under. I can’t recall if I named the mixtape myself or if was already named but anyways, he had the songs hosted individually so I had to download all the joints and for some reason track 8 would not download or if it did the file was corrupted, boo.

The next day or week I went to re-download track 8 and the website was down and never came back or if it did this was longer up. Nobody knew Lord Have Mercy had a website so I’m assuming nobody downloaded the album except me. I later hosted the 20+ joints I had on my blog among other various sites and it gained a lot of attention and the question of can we have more Lord Have Mercy!

@dartadams aka the bastard swordsman today mentioned Lord Have on his Twitter which reminded me of this leak. I did a quick Googles and didn’t see this mentioned anywhere so not sure if it’s been lost. But here’s the mixtape in its full glory minus track 8 ofcourse. Download below.


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