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08-07-2008 10:42 AM
Guest Lurkers

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Mma-box Boxing
There's not enough fans here for me to create a new thread everytime there's a fight, or a big announcement made... so I've just made this thread to post my random boxing thoughts and news stuff.

First up, Pavlik vs Hopkins was announced a little while back. Very interesting fight. "The Ghost" is fucking awesome and, on paper, should fucking destroy the elderly Hopkins. But, as Hopkins showed against Calzaghe... he can still hang with younger fighters. But, Pavlik hits MUCH harder than Joe and is a much more brutal and accurate finisher (one of the reasons I feared Calzaghe fighting Pavlik as his last fight instead of Jones Jnr).

Be interesting to see how Pavlik deals with Hopkins dirty tactics. I think we may see Hopkins get his ass handed to him.

[Image: unknownge4.jpg]
Story here -
Quote:Pavlik and Hopkins Launch Their Fight in NY Presser

Jerry Glick reporting: World Middleweight Champion Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik and former two division Champion Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins announced their, over the weight, non-title match at a catch weight of 170 pounds scheduled to take place at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall on Saturday, October 18, 2008. The show will be telecast on HBO PPV, and is promoted by Golden Boy and Top Rank.

The media gathered for a rare breakfast press conference at BB King’s in Times Square; early because they are going to do it all over again at 2:30 PM in Philly the same day.

Hopkins, who turned 43 this year, called this fight, “a blue collar fight.” It couldn’t be truer as both are as blue collar as has been seen in boxing’s upper tier since Marvin Hagler.

Hopkins comes from the part of Philly where they don’t often grow bank presidents. He spent time in jail and came out to become one of the best middleweights ever. His ethics are well in place and he is a grounded millionaire.

Pavlik is a straight kid right out of Middle America. He just got married and is learning the value of his privacy; even in the city where they love him, his home town, Youngstown, OH, he has struggled to maintain his way of life.

According to his dad Mike Pavlik, Kelly has not changed, but the world around him has. “Now he understands that privacy is a luxury,” said Papa Pavlik. “He took his little girl to Chucky Cheese and they had to leave after twenty minutes because everyone was coming up and having him sign. That’s tough if you’re not used to it.”

Since he won the title from Jermain Taylor he has fought, including this upcoming fight, three times but only one was for the title; similar to the old days when champions kept busy by fighting over the weight.

Kelly is in full agreement with his trainer Jack Lowe; both believe that the way to beat the crafty, sometimes a little dirty, Hopkins is with pressure.

“If he gets dirty, I get dirty. I’m every bit as big as he is and I rough people up on the inside too, so he’s got to be careful with that,” said a determined Pavlik. “I’ve got elbows, and I got heads.”

“He’s a dangerous fighter,” said Pavlik. “He’s still got a lot to entertain. We have to take this fight serious; we got to over films. The best thing to do is study the films and not let him get rough in there and have his way.”

“Pressure, that’s what Calzaghe did, and like I keep saying, I don’t hit like Calzaghe does,” insisted Pavlik.

“You got to make him fight three minutes of every round,” said trainer Pavlik’s Jack Lowe. “You can’t win throwing 17 punches against Kelly who throws 100, 110 punches a round as Kelly does. That’s the difference.”

This reporter asked if he was thinking knockout, “Sure,” said Lowe acknowledging that it would be the first one ever hung on Hopkins.

“When we get him hurt, that’s it. Kelly’s a great finisher,” added Lowe.

Why is Pavlik taking a catch weight fight with Hopkins? Because, he said, there is no one else worthwhile or available for him.

“I want to fight the best,” Pavlik said. “(IBF Champion Arthur) Abraham has a mandatory, Sturm, I would like but I don’t see that happening anytime, and Calzaghe, everyone knows the story on that one. You can’t call a guy out any more than I did on that.”

As far as going to Europe to meet Sturm who holds the WBA belt, Pavlik, 34-0 (30), said he would, but only with HBO or another U.S. television provider along to make sure that if he is robbed the world will know it.
For some reason Hopkins actually shows a certain level of respect for his opponent, no trash talk, at least not yet. He did suggest one idea, though, he said he isn’t going to bring an apple for the young man the way he brought other opponents things (think Winky Wright and a Twinky).

Hopkins said that he is still fighting because he can. It isn’t the fight that is the difficult part of being a boxer; it’s training that he has had to maintain the determination it takes to continue doing.

“Why do you keep getting up at 5:30 in the morning and training,” Hopkins, 48-5-1 (32), said suggesting a good question to ask him. “I think that’s more important than boxing.”

“I was boxing without getting paid,” said Hopkins as he held court in front of a group of writers. “I was boxing without gloves and that’s what got me sent to the penitentiary at seventeen. Fighting is easy to black folks in the ghetto, trust me. Y’all visit there now and then.”

Hopkins admitted that being away from his family for seven weeks and training is hard, but not the fighting.

“I still have that fire to put my body through that,” added the former Middleweight and Light-Heavyweight Champion.

“Once I understood that I can get past the training part like I did when I was 30 or 20; look at me,” said Hopkins pulling up his shirt to show his abs and small waist. “I got to be the most fresh, 50 plus fights under my belt; never been knocked out, never been cut, never got beat up in the ring, in boxing history.”

This fight gives one the feeling that they are fighting for legacy and money. No title at stake and at the present time, they don’t even share the same weight class. Maybe those are the best reasons to fight. Maybe two true blue collar guys don’t require a bauble to stretch around their waist and a title at stake. They only need to do it to see what happens. It’s called fighting.

Both are confident and both teams believe that they have the correct formula to win. What more do you need as long as they work to entertain the fans. For sure, Pavlik has never failed to do that.

Also, talking of Calzaghe vs Jones Jnr... thats been postponed, not sure if you've heard. It will probably take place in November now.
Quote:Jones Jr. Discusses Postponement of Calzaghe Bout

Former pound-for-pound king Roy Jones Jr. has made a statement regarding the postponement of his September 20 mega-fight with WBO 168 lbs. and universally recognized 175 lbs ruler Joe Calzaghe.

“It sounds to me as though Joe has a normal and usual injury. He had shown some concern recently about his hand not being ready. I still wanted to move forward with the September date, since HBO had already laid out the red carpet for a pay-per-view success when we took the De La Hoya-Mayweather date. But I don’t want him to be no less that his best – so if this is what it takes for that, then so be it.”
Jones on proposed November date:

“I have been informed by my people at Square Ring that the fight will most likely be rescheduled for November 8, 2008 on HBO Pay-Per-View at Madison Square Garden. I am glad we are close to being able to put together a new date for the fight within 24 hours of learning of Joe’s injury. I am thankful that the people at HBO and Madison Square Garden were able to open things up for us.”

Now moving forward, “Superman” Roy Jones’ brilliant plan to fight “Super” Joe Calzaghe for titles in two weight classes has new life:

“I had originally proposed something kind of different for this fight. And that is that Joe and I would first weigh-in for the fight at 168 and fight for Joe’s super middleweight titles. Then we would step off the scales, drink some water and weigh-in again at more than 168 so that we could also fight for Joe’s Ring Magazine light heavyweight title. I only recall this happening once before, in the Leonard/Lalonde fight and I think it would really add something unique to the promotion. Joe initially expressed concern about his ability to make 168 by September 19, but now that we have another 7 weeks, I hope that he will go for it and that the WBA, WBO and the WBC will sanction it.”

On November 7, 1988, twenty years and one day ago from the new proposed fight date, Sugar Ray Leonard and Donny Lalonde fought for the vacant WBC super middleweight title and the WBC light heavyweight title. Leonard was knocked down early in the fight, but then stopped Lalonde at 2:30 of round 9.
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08-07-2008 03:55 PM
bbomber Board Lord


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Re: Boxing
Yeah I used to post topics on boxing but nobody ever really responded to them, tells you where the sport is as far as mainstream appeal right now. B-Hop can still hang but dude can't fight forever and every fighter eventually gets old. I don't really care for Pavlik but dude throws bombs. Roy Jones Jr. is done as a fighter, dude just not an elite fighter anymore. I like Calzaghe, dude put hands on Kessler and out lasted B-Hop but again I think he maybe a little too old to be making his big push now. The real big question for boxing though is who is Oscar De La Hoya going to fight next? I got my money on Pac-man as Oscar is going to want to look strong before his last rumored fight against Felix Trinidad and would have a huge size advantage against Pacman.

Where you are in life is exactly where you want to be
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08-07-2008 04:32 PM
Guest Lurkers

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Re: Boxing
When Manny Pacquiao moved up yet another weight to fight Diaz a few weeks back, I really didn't think he'd do it. But he looked better than ever. Every single punch was accurate and powerful. And his speed was STILL there too, which is fucking frightening. He looked the complete fighter, for me he's definitely the worlds pound for pound best. I ranked him higher than Mayweather even before he "retired", mainly because he's offense first and isn't afraid to take a hit - unlike Floyd. A De La Hoya v Pacman fight would be brilliant, but i'm not sure it's a good idea for Oscar as the last fight in his career.

On the subject of Pavlik, for me his only real "weakness" (if you can call it that) is that he comes at you in straight lines, there's hardly any variations, never side to side. But what he does bring straight at you is fucking brutal. Down the line I'd love to see Pavlik v Kessler.

Yeah, agreed about Calzaghes age... he's getting on now. I agree with his choice of fighter for his last fight. He's paid his dues over the years, if he wants a showcase fight to end his career thats up to him. His hands can't take it anymore.

Ricky Hatton v. Paulie Malignaggi should be good in November. Contrasting styles always bring good fights.

oh yeah, wanted to say that apart from the Heavyweights...I think the sport is as healthy as it's ever been. But, heavyweight, historically, is the most prestigious division. And it's the one that pulls the most of the "popular" boxing fans. I wish someone would step up, like Tyson did in the 80's, and demolish the division. It NEEDS it.
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08-08-2008 05:53 PM
bbomber Board Lord


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Re: Boxing
Yes the heavyweight division needs a very very dominant champion who can clean out the entire division. It is frightening just how far the heavyweight division has fallen, before the fights were nearly global events and now they can't even get championship matches on PPV. I blame the American boxing promotions who are still not trying to do what is best for the sport but what is going to make them the most money. The big fights have been coming due to increased competition from MMA, which is pure fabrication as both sports draw from completely different bases, but as long as the heavyweight division seems like graveyard of unknown Russians and unskilled boxers boxing will also seem on the verge of collapse. The sport is healthy no doubt, but this failure to live up to the potential that the sport can and has been is maddening.
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08-09-2008 06:29 AM
Guest Lurkers

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Re: Boxing
Pay per view bullshit, people should of never fell for such a piss taking scoundrel scheme in the first place.
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08-09-2008 03:14 PM
Basik Boss


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Re: Boxing
I go see Steve "The Canadian Kid" Molitor every time he defends his feather weight title at Casino Rama, I am going again in September. I love watching boxing, but I don't know many of the current stars except for Steve.

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08-14-2008 11:15 AM
Guest Lurkers

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Re: Boxing
had to throw this in here
[Image: cottoKO.gif]
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08-19-2008 09:21 AM
Guest Lurkers

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Re: Boxing
good article here on the proposed Pac-Man v De La Hoya fight
Quote:Oscar – Pacman: How much better can you eat?
Tue 19-Aug-2008 09:21

By Jason Pribila: The month of August has been a slow time for the sport of boxing. There haven’t been any major fight cards, and other than ESPN2 and Telefutura, the TV dial has been boxing free. Die-hards have been able to follow Olympic Boxing on CNBC. However, a confusing scoring system that rewards fighters for running could do more harm than good for the sport’s potential growth.

Despite the lack of live events, boxing scribes have been busy keeping us up to date with the Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao saga. A story that boils down to ego and greed, that has reminded me of a famous line from the Jack Nicholson movie, “Chinatown”. In the film he asks John Huston’s character, “How much better can you eat? What can you buy that you can’t already afford? “

This week it has been widely reported that the deal for a December 6th fight between the sports biggest draw and the sports pound for pound king were dead because the fighters couldn’t agree on the splitting of the purse. De La Hoya proposed a 70/30 split, while Pacquiao countered with a 60/40 split. Top Rank’s Bob Arum said he thought it could have worked at 65/35. With neither side willing to budge, talks have begun for De La Hoya vs Sergio Mora, and Pacquiao’s team is looking toward a fight against Humberto Soto.

I’m not qualified to give either fighter financial advice. My personal negotiations during my professional career consisted of parallel moves, and the percentages on the table usually ranged in the 3% to 5% range, and there certainly weren’t any zeroes attached to the bottom line. So instead of offering advice or coming up with a solution, I’d simply hope to understand, “How much better can either man eat?”

De La Hoya has long been boxing’s biggest attraction. During his career in the ring he has become the richest non-heavyweight in history. His 2007 fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. was boxing’s richest pay per view event ever. Outside the ring, his Golden Boy Promotions have become one of the most powerful in boxing today. His financial future seems secure whether or not he ever laces up the gloves again.

I haven’t always agreed with some of the decisions made by Golden Boy Promotions. I feel that they are doing their best to monopolize all of the television dates. Match-ups like Casamayor vs Marquez on PPV are insulting, their undercards are weak, and their tickets are overpriced. However, I do not find them at fault in this particular case.

When Golden Boy CEO, Richard Schaefer met with Top Rank’s Bob Arum there were three issues that needed to be sorted out. The first issue would be to determine the maximum weight for the fight. Oscar gave in and agreed to come in at 147lbs, his lowest since he knocked out Arturo Gatti in 2001. He also agreed to wear 8 oz. gloves instead of the the 10 oz. gloves that he was used to wearing. However, the 70/30 split was non-negotiable.

“It is a bit mind-boggling for me that he would have to fight three or four times to make what he could make to fight Oscar, “Schaefer told ESPN.com. “I hope Manny has been given all the information by his people.”

Pacquiao’s people seem to be split by his decision to walk away from the fight. His adviser and lawyer is Franklin “Jeng” Gacal, who informed Arum that they would not accept 30%. Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach is doing his best to make the fight happen. In a press release late this week, Roach said that he would decline his training fee in the event Pacquiao lost to Oscar.

I could understand Pacquiao feeling like he deserves 40%. He is currently considered the best fighter pound for pound, and he’s taking a great risk by challenging a much bigger man. However, even Floyd Mayweather Jr. agreed to 30% when he shared the marquee with the Golden Boy. Mayweather parlayed the massive exposure he gained from the De La Hoya fight to a role on network television’s “Dancing With the Stars”. Suddenly Mayweather was receiving the attention he always felt he deserved, and it showed when the box office numbers for his fight with Ricky Hatton did just under 1 million pay per view buys.

Pacquiao is a national treasure in the Philippians. Although he was not an Olympian, he carried in his country’s flag at the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Beijing. He has aspirations to be in movies, and even had a music video. Now, Pacquiao’s future may not be behind the mic., but he too seems to be set when he decides to hang up his gloves.

The 10-15 million that he would earn to fight De La Hoya would put him in position to be able to pick and choose future opponents. Huge paydays and potential fights with Ricky Hatton, and un-retired Floyd Mayweather, or a third fight with Juan Manuel Marquez would almost definitely do better numbers with his new found exposure.

I think Team Pacquiao should ignore percentages and focus on numbers. He did under 200,000 PPV buys against David Diaz in June; he would earn a proposed 3 million dollars to instead fight a rugged and hungry Humberto Soto in November, and 10 million dollars to take a fight in which he has nothing to lose.

How much better could Pacquiao eat? If he comes to his senses, he’ll be in position to answer that on December 7th.
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08-22-2008 12:56 AM
Guest Lurkers

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Re: Boxing
i dont have much to offer in this thread i just wanted it to be known that now that i am back, i will be participating in all mma/boxing discussions and the efforts in making such topics will not go to waste.

i DID read a funny article about margarito and specifically his trainer bringing up those de la hoya fishnet stocking photos in an attempt to coax him into signing a fight with margarito. of course that wont happen though, since the much smaller pacquiao would be a bigger draw as an opponent for oscar...since he is in the top 5 pound for pound fighters and because mexican vs phillipino boxing has some odd rivalry.

and lou, we spoke via PM, but if i were to go through the trouble of hand picking 3 recent mma fights for you to watch (embedded videos included) would you give them a shot? i really think youd enjoy it.
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08-22-2008 11:18 AM
Guest Lurkers

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Re: Boxing
I'll try (almost) anything once

hand pick em
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