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Martin Skrelli selling WTC Album
09-16-2017 02:04 AM
MF STORM Above The Clouds


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1WU Martin Skrelli selling WTC Album
on ebay

Wu-Tang Clan - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin - Rare CD! | eBay

got 5 minutes left, it's over $1 million atm.
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09-17-2017 01:26 PM
vega Vegatollah Kheomini


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RE: Martin Skrelli selling WTC Album
I thought he legally cant sell it for 80 years? idnt he pay 2 mil?

[Image: 2_23_02_14_6_10_46.jpeg]
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09-17-2017 01:37 PM
Dope Man .


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RE: Martin Skrelli selling WTC Album
Quote:A seller must legally bind the buyer to the same terms and conditions. They include limitations such as the 88 year non commercialisation clause, but also other ones not known to the general public. To avoid confusion, Martin is only allowed to sell the album onto a third individual as a single copy album, but not allowed to sell the album commercially to a broader public, or to be used in synchronisation or any form of exploitation known etc etc.


Pee-wee got his bail revoked -

Quote:Shkreli Sent to Jail by Judge Over Clinton Hair Bounty

Brooklyn judge revokes ex-pharmaceutical executive’s bail
Shkreli convicted of fraud for deceiving hedge fund investors

Martin Shkreli’s big mouth landed him in jail even before his fraud conviction did.

A U.S. judge revoked the former pharmaceutical executive’s bail Wednesday, ordering him jailed immediately, over a bounty Shkreli issued in a Facebook post for a strand of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s hair.

“The fact that he continues to remain unaware of the inappropriateness of his actions or words demonstrates that he may well be an ongoing danger or risk to the community," U.S. District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto said.

Shkreli, wearing a lavender button-down shirt and Dockers, was stone-faced as the judge handed down her decision. He was immediately taken into custody and led away from the courtroom by two deputy U.S. Marshals and into a prisoner holding cell adjacent to the sixth-floor courtroom.

He will be held at the Metropolitan Detention Center, according to his lawyer Benjamin Brafman. It’s a federal jail in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn which has housed terrorists and mobsters.

"We are obviously disappointed,” Brafman said after the hearing. “We believe the court arrived at the wrong decision, but she’s the judge and right now we will have to live with this decision.”

Martin Shkreli’s Fall: Why ‘Most-Hated’ CEO Is Strutting to Jail

Shkreli, 34, was convicted last month of three of eight charges, including two counts of securities fraud. He was acquitted of fraud charges related to the alleged looting of the drug company he founded, Retrophin Inc. He faces a maximum of 20 years in prison on each of the securities fraud charges, though he’s likely to get a lesser term. He’s scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 16.

The conviction and pending sentencing didn’t tame the brash executive known as Pharma Bro. In a now-deleted Facebook posting, in which he offered his followers $5,000 for a strand of Clinton’s hair during her book tour, he caught the attention of prosecutors. They asked Matsumoto to revoke Shkreli’s bail and throw him in jail because he’s not only a convicted felon but his threats pose a danger to the community.

"He’s reckless,” prosecutor Jacquelyn Kasulis told the judge. “He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t respect the rule of law."

Shkreli appears to have violated state and federal laws prohibiting threats against the immediate family members of former presidents, the prosecutors argued. The comments prompted the U.S. Secret Service to start an investigation and boost security for Clinton, they said.

Shkreli has a history of making provocative comments against specific women, the prosecutors said.

He was banned from Twitter in January for harassing a Teen Vogue writer and persisted in verbally badgering women online.

Shkreli responded to the government’s request with a profanity in a Facebook post, adding “I will never kiss their ring or snitch. Come at me with your hardest because I haven’t seen anything impressive yet."

He quickly backed off, writing an apologetic letter to the judge in a request to remain out on bail.

"Some may have read my comments about Mrs. Clinton as threatening, which was never my intention," Shkreli wrote. "I used poor judgment but never intended to cause alarm or promote any act of violence whatsoever."

Brafman vowed Shkreli would behave if the judge let him remain free until sentencing.

"Stupid doesn’t make you violent," Brafman said. "Sometimes stupid makes you stupid."

Shkreli was just engaging in political satire in his comments about Clinton, Brafman said.

The judge wasn’t buying it.

"What is so funny about this?” a visibly angry Matsumoto demanded. “He’s soliciting an assault on another person in exchange for $5,000. Under the facts and circumstances, I’m going to respectfully deny your request to change my mind. I can’t say with any certainty that the threats have not been taken seriously by anybody.”

The case is U.S. v. Shkreli, 15-cr-637, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn).


[Image: martingame.jpg]
[Image: martingame2.jpg]

Quote:Check out a sample of the Q&A below.

Q: Do you even like wu tang?
A: not anymore!

Q: If Ghostface ends up being winning bidder, will you allow him to pay you with your own money?
A: He has no money.

Q: Not interested in the CD. Just wanted to tell you you’re a piece of shit.
A: I believe you are mistaken and too poor to bid on the CD. Better luck in your future endeavors.

Q: Please donate the entire amount to charity. It’s not too late to turn your life around. You don’t need the money.
A: turn my life around from what exactly?

Q: Hello I am not monetarily wealthy by any means .But what I am is hip hop.My life,my struggle and recovery from heroin addiction at age 17.I am willing to give my life savings for this album and if need be we can go thru my financials to see I’m ? about my situation.I have $800 and would be eternally grateful if this would work for you.I look to make no money or fame just the enjoyment as an avid WU TANG CLAN fan.
A: you need a dose of methadone and a double dose of reality. scram!

Q: Dude!!!! I’m your biggest fan! I just want to know why you’re a poopy on the doopy who eats shit sandwiches, and charges people a ton of money for a lifesaving pill because you’re an inhuman person who is the reason why the world sucks. I hope you love federal prison you sack of shit.
A: lol i wish i could get this mad about something that doesn’t affect me

Q: Why is everyone so gullible that they would actually pay you for this when your greed had you mark up medicines 5000%? This makes me sad for humanity.
A: what should medicines cost, then? how do you know it wasn’t too cheap before the price increase?

Q: I was wondering if you would consider putting that CD sideways up your ass? It would help you get ready for your treatment in prison. Also, you may want to learn to breathe with a big dick in your mouth. Then again, being seen with you greatly diminishes anyone’s reputation.
A: You appear to be very, very mad. Why?

Q: How well does it work as a frisbee? I broke mine the other day and need a new one.
A: I have no idea. You are welcome to test it, post-purchase.

Q: your responses are hysterical. I live in ny can I buy you lunch?
A: no i just ate

Quote:Untold Story Of Wu-Tang Clan’s Million-Dollar Secret Album, The Devaluation of Music, And America’s New Public Enemy No. 1

[Image: 9781250125286.jpg]

Once Upon A Time In Shaolin: The Untold Story Of Wu-Tang Clan’s Million-Dollar Secret Album, The Devaluation of Music, And America’s New Public Enemy No. 1
Cyrus Bozorgmehr
Flatiron Books

Perhaps one of the most bizarre stories in recent musical history is that of Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, a two-disc hip-hop album by Wu-Tang Clan that exists solely in an edition of one. Housed in a beautiful leather-bound book that resembles a wizard’s book of spells, this album has been the subject of considerable hype, debate, and controversy—and that was well before it was bought by the man who has since been dubbed “The Most Hated Man In America.”

It started off as a simple enough concept: what can one do to reinvest artistic value and merit into music? An issue the book raises is this: what is the artistic merit of something that is expected to be sold at no more than .99 cents—if not free—and often required tens of thousands of dollars to make? It was an idea that was borne from the encouragement of friends Tariq Azzougrah—aka Cilvaringz, a Moroccan-based artist and musician—and Cyrus Bozorgmehr. When Cilvaringz shared the idea with Wu-Tang conceptual genius Robert Diggs—AKA RZA—he loved it. RZA, a visionary artist and media manipulator who gives Malcolm McLaren a run for his money, soon set about putting together this project.

If you think saying, ‘Hey, let’s make an album, and let’s make it available in only one copy’ runs the risk of sacrificing scarcity over quality, think again; as Once Upon A Time In Shaolin demonstrates, this was not a project RZA took lightly. It’s not a cheaply-made record, either; RZA and company worked on this for years, at the same time releasing and working on other projects. In fact, one doubts that Cher—of all people—would dedicate herself to appearing on a handful of tossed-off rap songs just because Wu-Tang Clan needed someone to sing on them. Furthermore, RZA and company spent an inordinate amount of time in philosophical debate about the nature of this project, what the project would mean, and whether or not what they were doing would be too much for their fans to stomach. Would this be something their audience would love once they learned of it—or would this be the straw that broke a dedicated but frustrated fan base’s collective back, a self-indulgent act meant only to line the pockets of RZA and company? After all, if “Wu-Tang is for the children,” as they once declared, what would this credo now mean if suddenly the Wu-Tang was only accessible to the wealthiest people on the planet?

Concurrent with the philosophical debates were the practicalities of the matter. This album would raise numerous legal and business questions, related to proprietary rights. Who owns the album? What rights does the owner of the sole album have? Does the owner actually own the record? What can the record owner do legally once he purchases it? These are important questions, and ones that are discussed at great detail here. Ultimately, a compromise was made: the owner could commercialize it after 88 years—ensuring that he or she—or anyone currently involved with the band, the record industry, or humanity at large—would not be able to capitalize on it, much less purchase it. Once Upon A Time In Shaolin is fascinating in this regard, but the legal wrangling and back-and-forth can make your head spin, but in a very intoxicating, can’t-put-it-down kind of way, providing a compelling look into something that seemed initially quite simple. Let’s just say this: having received this copy in the mail, I didn’t expect to get so thoroughly engrossed in its tale, but I did; the headache I had after devouring this in one sitting was totally worth it.

I won’t even begin to tackle what took place during the making of the album, as the hijinks, the mystery, and the insane near-disasters that surrounded it will make you laugh; how the record ever got completed sometimes seems like the biggest mystery of all. Oh, and if you think that part of the story is insane, it’s nothing compared to what happened after the album was put up for auction. And the best, yet most frustrating, part of the Once Upon A Time In Shaolin story is that it isn’t even over yet. If anything, it’s only just begun.

If I hadn’t read Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, I would have dismissed this sordid tale as a very creative, intricate hoax. But I have read Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, and I’m still not convinced that this isn’t anything more than an elaborate jape, as it still feels way too fantastic and far-fetched to be a true story.

Funny how reality plays out, isn’t it?

OATIS material -

[Image: tumblr_oivj3nkw851r7sijxo1_500.gif]
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09-18-2017 10:13 AM
Dope Man .


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RE: Martin Skrelli selling WTC Album
(09-17-2017 01:26 PM)vega Wrote:  idnt he pay 2 mil?

[Image: ucvWHSp.png]

FIRST PICTURE OF Martin Shkreli Selling Wu-Tang Clan Once Upon A Time In Shaolin | eBay

[Image: s-l1600.jpg]


Question & Answer
Q: Please donate the entire amount to charity. It's not too late to turn your life around. You don't need the money. Sep-06-17
A: turn my life around from what exactly? :jbhmm:
Q: If Wu Tang is for the Children. What are you for? Sep-06-17
A: i am also for the children.
Q: What were the terms of the sale from Wu Tang to you? Can they never release the album? Could I throw a massive concert at Madison square garden selling tickets for $10,000 a piece to watch me sitting on stage in a lazy boy while the cd plays? Sep-06-17
A: i believe you could do hypothetically do this. not going to comment on your business model. :whoo:
Q: If you're so angry at Wu-Tang why not release it for free and show them the music means nothing to you even though you paid 2 million for it? Sep-06-17
A: i can flip 2m to 200m like lil pump so no thanks
Q: Maybe this album should just disappear? Sep-06-17
A: nah
Q: Does Cash Rule Everything Around You? Sep-06-17
A: most things :smugfavre:
Q: can i have one thousand dollars Sep-06-17
A: what do i get?
Q: how r u doin can i add u on steam Sep-06-17
A: i'm fine and no.
Q: Can I doodle a little happy face on the cover and insist it's a meaningful change so I can then flip it on ebay for 56 times what it originally cost me? Or is only acceptable to do that for things people need to survive? Sep-06-17
A: i think you're confused about the value of medicines for rare diseases. my guess is you know nothing about this topic and therefore should keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself.
Q: If I purchase this album, how will I know for certain that you don't have a vagina? Sep-06-17
A: those are two separate and distinct questions
Q: Hello. I'm interested in the stuffed animal (sheep?) in the background of your photo. Will you be posting that item for sale soon? Thank you. Sep-06-17
A: ill throw it in if you win
Q: Hope you get what you paid or more.screw the haters. Love your attitude man.stay mentally strong. Sep-06-17
A: thanks dog
Q: You truly don't deserve 1 cent for this item. You have taken enough money from to many people already. I truly don't know how you sleep at night. Sep-06-17
A: word? what do YOU do for a living?
Q: Would this album be appropriate to play while you were entertaining someone who ordered pineapple on their pizza? Or would it be better suited to save for company who didn't indulge in such blasphemy? Sep-06-17
A: for crazy paper i will not discriminate on pizza eating habits
Q: So what are you up to these days? Any good stock tips? Are you involved in AI? What about bit coins? How many bit coins would you want for this CD? How about a trade for an old stratocaster....or a 12 year old rescue dog? Wassup dawg! Thanks, OMO. Sep-06-17
A: no no no and no. what color dog :skip:
Q: Hello I am not monetarily wealthy by any means .But what I am is hip hop.My life,my struggle and recovery from heroin addiction at age 17.I am willing to give my life savings for this album and if need be we can go thru my financials to see I'm about my situation.I have $800 and would be eternally grateful if this would work for you.I look to make no money or fame just the enjoyment as an avid WU TANG CLAN fan. Sep-06-17
A: you need a dose of methadone and a double dose of reality. scram!
Q: Are you selling this to help pay for your legal fees when you go to prison? Sep-06-17
A: no, my legal fees are largely indemnified by insurance and other policies. legal fees are mostly incurred prior to imprisonment. finally you have wrongfully assumed that imprisonment is a certainty.
Q: How can we trust you to abide by your promise to destroy your copies of the album upon purchase when you never released them to the public after Trump's political victory as you previously swore to do? Sep-06-17
A: this would be an executed legal agreement, and not say, a troll
Q: "An item that looks as if it was just taken out of shrink wrap." Didn't you use the CD as a coaster? Sep-06-17
A: no that was a metaphor
Q: Please don't smash it. Way too many hungry people in the US. Thank You Very Respectfully Gregg Blevins US Navy Sep-06-17
A: i'm not sure what that has to do with the hungry.

Q: Can I borrow the album before you sell it? Sep-06-17
A: no
Q: Do you agree with the general sentiment that you're an a$$hole? If not why not? (Also please hire me.) Sep-06-17
A: no, no and no.
Q: Sir, how many times has this album been played. Is it in New condition or like new condition. Thanks, A.Raekwon Sep-06-17
A: the first cd has been played a few times and the second has been played once.
Q: Hey, before you sell, will you get a good, clean rip (highest quality possible) on your computer just in case whoever buys it is a dumbass? And think about uploading it somewhere? I'm scared someone will destroy this and it'll be lost forever. I want to sleep safe at night knowing it's in good hands and I might actually bump this one day. Sep-06-17
A: no, that would be fraud. i do not commit fraud.
Q: Can we talk entrepreneur business in young bout I've tryed contacting you for years please hear me out Sep-06-17
A: no, stan, stop writing.
Q: Any chance you could release it for free before the sale? Sep-06-17
A: no
Q: Can you give me a ballpark estimate on how many thots have listened to this? Thanks! Sep-06-17
A: Typically takes about 2 songs before I get to turn it off and get down to business.
Q: Can i have the track listing for this album ? Are there any unreleased ODB songs or features from ODB ? Sep-06-17
A: I can provide the track listing to serious bidders. There are ODB parts on the album.
Q: Hi, have you or anyone ever made a copy of the cd? Have you ever misplaced the cd or had lent it to someone close? And do you have a buy it now price in mind? Sep-06-17
A: no copies exist other than this one.
Q: Is this real? Sep-06-17
A: yes
Q: Would you agree that it's possible that you haven't wanted to listen to this album because Wu-Tang Clan were traded to the Asian delegation in the Racial Draft on Dave Chappelle's Show, devaluing their brand? Sep-06-17
A: correct
Q: Can you provide more details about the "finely crafted booklet" and why wouldn't it be included with the CD? Sep-06-17
A: it is included of course
Q: Will you hand-deliver this to London, England. If so, will you agree to a public fist fight? Sep-06-17
A: yes and yes
Q: Can you show parts of the case that need repairs? Sep-06-17
A: yes
Q: Hey Martin can I get ur autograph Sep-06-17
A: if you buy it sure.
Q: Please would you clarify (a) what you mean by "I have not carefully listened to the album" and (b) Sep-06-17
A: I put it on 'in the background' when some friends were over. No one was paying attention.
Q: Hey Martin...what's going on? I was shocked to find this item on ebay this morning. Incredible. I had wrongly believe this was a vinyl album.. Is it possible that you might clarify what sort of medical research you'll be donating to? As (I'm QUITE sure) you know, a lot of research is not worth the cash thrown at it. Will you be bound by agreement to donate? Just to be sure, this auction is ONLY for the physical CD and it's packaging, right? What rights would be conferred to the buyer? WTC still owns the content, correct? So, the buyer wouldn't really be able to even share this with others, except in a private setting, no? What assurance would a buyer have that WTC doesn't one day release this material? Don't destroy the CD set. Of course, you could do so, but it would serve no good end. It's very cool that you have been a patron of the arts. The WTC album was framed as a sort of publicity stunt, never revealed as part of a pattern of donating to artists. Be well, Donn Sep-06-17
A: My plan is to donate half of the sale proceeds to OHSU for rare disease drug research. I know a great researcher there very well who will make terrific use of the funds. The only format available is the CDs--the makers wanted to ensure the format matched the era of the artist. The copyright owner is governed by a complex agreement which will be provided to the bidders who are 'in the hunt' at the end of the process. The only copy is owned by me. The artist represented and warrantied this in the purchase agreement.
Q: Are there any legal limitations that would prohibit the buyer from releasing the album for sale to the public on itunes or other music platforms? Sep-06-17
A: A buyer would not be allowed to release the product on iTunes or other channels without permission of the Wu-Tang Clan.
Q: Hi Martin, I thought that you signed an agreement with the Wu-Tang/RZA that you could not re-sell the CD and where the property goes back to them. Is that correct? Do you mind sending me the legal documents you signed when acquired the CD? Best Matt Sep-06-17
A: The sale is legally allowed. The buyer may not commercialize the work for 86 further years. The buyer may sell the CD to another buyer, however. The buyer may also release the music for free or play it publicly for free. I believe a public performance for a fee is also allowed. Legal documents will be provided to serious bidders.
Q: How would you rank order the intelligence of Wu-Tang Clan members from top to bottom? Sep-06-17
A: GZA > Method Man > *

Q: Any scratches? Skips? Thanks. Sep-06-17
A: No scratches or skips or I will refund.
Q: What about the box? Does it come with that wicked original box? Jim Sep-06-17
A: Yes.
Q: how can anyone trust you? you have zero feedback. Sep-06-17
A: The final purchase shall be governed by a legal agreement. I will work on increasing my feedback.
Q: If I win can I just pick it up? Sep-06-17
A: Yes. A pickup at your or my lawyer's office would be preferred.
Q: Is the disc enclosure functional? Sep-06-17
A: Yes. The outer case needs some cleaning and repair.
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