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Masta Killa - Selling My Soul (2012)
12-24-2012 12:13 AM
vega Vegatollah Kheomini


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Masta Killa - Selling My Soul (2012)
[Image: masta20killa20selling20.jpg]

Masta Killa - Selling My Soul
Release: Dec. 11th 2012
Buy it: Amazon/iTunes/Ughh

01 - Skit
02 - Intro
03 - Soul & Substance
04 - R U Listening
05 - Things Just Ain't The Dame
06 - Part 2
07 - Cali Sun (feat Kurupt)
08 - What U Szee
09 - Food
10 - Skit
11 - All Natural
12 - Wise Words
13 - Divine Glory
14 - Skit
15 - Dirty Soul (feat Ol' Dirty Bastard)

Masta Killa is back with his 3rd album on Nature Sounds. I was always a MK fan and he always had a smooth flow with some very good rhymes. Selling My Soul starts off odd witha skit before the intro... Thats not a good sign, the beats are mellow and it matches Masta's style perfectly on the "Intro", "Soul and Substance" and "R U listening". Although Masta Killa hasn't done a solo album in a while lyrically his swords haven't rusted but they haven't gotten any sharper either. On "Things Just Ain't The Same" the Wu general spits about some hiphop classics, classic clothes and a slew of other subjects, with face paced style that seems to be missing from the album.

Killa takes it back west on "Cali Sun" featuring Kurupt of Dogg Pound. The beat has a west coast sound that's sure to make your system bang but it isn't the best beat on the record. Kurupt's verse is pretty dope too "I'm ?mad evil?, Magneto and Neo, the one that controls metal at all times." The beat on "What U See" was pretty funky MK doesn't spit anything too memorable over this one. "Food" is one of the singles and is a pretty dope ass track, once again a nice slow soulful beat by 9th Wonder that MK just glides over wonderfully, one of the best joints on the album.

"All Natural" is about all the artificial shit out there and how you living natural is the way to be a really cool concept the beat could knock a little harder but not shabby by any means. "Wise Words" uses the To Live In Die In L.A. sample and you'll notice it right away if you're any kind of hip-hop fan, MK gives a shout out to Pac at the start too but MK doesn't spit really it's more of a preach song, but the instrumental nice. "Divine Glory" is something for the broads not really feelin' the beat on this one sounds like some 80s contemporary music. The album ends out with "Dirty Soul" and is basically an ode to Soul music it starts out shouting out all the great soul artists and ends with MK paying homage to his brother Ol' Dirty Bastard by taking lines from classic dirty tracks and flipping them and the outcome is pretty cool. It says it features O.D.B. but it basically just samples "Hippa' to The Hoppa' and you Just Don't Stoppa'".

Overall Masta Killa's 3rd album is pretty boring, while the album isnt all bad it also doesnt bring anything new to the table. I cant say that it's definitely a solid Wu release and 20 years deep I was expecting a bit more. I don't think the youngsters would appreciate an album like this but for Wu-Tang fans and 90's rap heads you might enjoy it, will it keep you coming back for more listens? I don't think so. Selling My Soul is short and has its flaws, namely some crappy skits it's not all bad but it's not all good either.

I give this album 2/5 Suuuuuuuu's

[Image: 2_23_02_14_6_10_46.jpeg]
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05-20-2013 05:12 AM
King_Charles Prospect


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RE: Masta Killa - Selling My Soul (2012)

Win, there is no option.
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05-20-2013 05:50 AM
Mr Un Kiss The Ring Bitch


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RE: Masta Killa - Selling My Soul (2012)
gave it one listen and havent listened again, guess i wasnt feelin it


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05-20-2013 06:07 AM
King_Charles Prospect


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RE: Masta Killa - Selling My Soul (2012)
It's not a 1 punch KO shot on first listen but after 2 or 3 spins you pick up the subtle intricacies. I enjoyed it & may throw it on tonight.
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