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Please Read: Review Guidelines
12-02-2012 04:13 AM
vega Vegatollah Kheomini


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Vegapt Please Read: Review Guidelines
Review Guidelines


You're reading this because you want to write a review for our forums, if you choose to write a review we reserve the right to use your write up on our frontpage(blog) but before doing so we'll notify you that you've been chosen. If you submit a review this doesn't necessarily mean we'll use it on our blog. Please, refrain from trolling and asking us to put a review you wrote on the blog. If we like it, it'll be up there. If you post a review that is not yours please link to the source of the article. Any article that is not original will be excluded from front page usage as it's not our property.


When you write a review please include the following items (if a * is present that means the item is mandatory for writing a review):
  1. *Album Cover: Please include an album art/cover (be atleast 300x300)
  2. Tracklist/Production Credits: Post the album tracklist/production credits
  3. Release Date/Genre: Give the album release date and genre(if non hiphop)
  4. *Write Up: Please include atleast 1 paragraph review, more than one paragraph is greatly encouraged. Provide an overview of the album artist and concept of the album, tell us the best and worst tracks.
  5. *Rating: Please include a best of 5 review (ex: 3/5 you can also use icons Cas in place of #'s)
  6. Link To Purchase: Post a link to purchase a digital/physical copy of the release whether it's itunes, cd, vinyl etc.
  7. *Rate the thread: Use the thread rating system on thread index for your review and people can also use this to counter your review and give and overall rating. in other words if you gave an album 4/5 and i thought it was 2/5 it would then give the album rating of 3/5.

    here's what it looks like on the thread display index

    [Image: 2_02_12_12_4_17_20.png]

This concludes the review tutorial, please feel free to post questions and suggestions below.



[Image: 2_23_02_14_6_10_46.jpeg]
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