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Relentless Dark Days Release Party @ The Spotlight 12-18-11 (photos)

I don’t travel to the North Shore often and for those outside of Mass/New England its basically North of Boston. But last night Relentless had a record release party @ The Spotlight and I was invited to take some photographs and video of the occasion. There was a slew of MC’s in the place to be which included Paranom, DJ Slipwax, Aztec, Rage617, Tragic Allies, J the S, Greater Good, and ofcourse Relentless. The show was real dope and all the MC’s brought their A game. Havent been to a local show in quite sometime, it was good time. Boston was def in the building, and the energy was positive and strong all night. Peace to Vega X, Macabean and Relentless. I got tons of video I need to put up but for now here’s a teaser of some freestyles I got outside.