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TheCrypt x Iron Maiden

So I went to Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper last night with The Harmonizer and had a blast! Alice Cooper was disappointing and his best song of the night was Schools Out For Summer. Iron Maiden started slow but by the 3rd song they hit their rhythm, although the sound was straight up asshole. It seemed that every time you wanted to shout a long the damn mic would go out and you couldnt hear the singer. It was cool he actually singing but the mic wasnt right. The band killed it some of the best guitar solos I’ve seen. I’d def see Maiden again and the Eddie shit was incredible. He roamed the stage looking like General Custar swinging a giant sword. Then later it was the Eddie Sphinx spitting fire and shit looking crazy. Really brought me back and as you can see from the pics the place was a time warp although the beer prices were 2020 lol.

Action Bronson Live @ The Middle East 5-20-11 (Photos/Videos)

The other night I saw Action Bronson live for the 3rd time, They say third times a charm and they really arent kidding. Action klilled it, his best performance I’ve seen to date. His stage presence has gotten much better and he’s entertaining as hell. He had the crowd in the palm of his hand in which he became a part of during multiple songs, he was lighting big long joints and sharing them with the fans while security just sat back and watched. He performed a couple exclusives that he’s never performed live such as Thug Love Story 2012 and Action said that aside from Queens Boston is the best. Click here for Hi-Res Photos.


01. Pouches of Tuna
02. Steve Wynn
03. Barry Horowitz
04. Thug Love Story 2012 (1st Time Ever Live)
05. Ron Simmons
06. Hookers At The Point
07. Shiraz
08. Bird on a Wire
09. Not Enough Words
10. Brunch
11. Larry Csonka
12. Jar Of Drugs
13. Beautiful Music
14. The Madness

Danny Brown Live @ The Good Life Boston 5-4-12 (pics/videos)

Bacardi Plus brought Danny Brown to Boston last night and he pretty much tore the place down. Crowd went nuts for him but their were a couple problems… No stage just a roped/chaired off area that people kept pushing and knocking shit over so they basically had 3-4 security guard huddled around Danny during his performance. One other issue was the sound, it might have been the worst sound ive ever heard at a show, they clearly didnt do a mic check before hand which was unfortunate. Bacardi Plus is a foul drink but they throw a great party! And it was awesome how they handed out free drinks and got Danny Brown in Boston who literally tore the place down.Click HERE to see images individually and above you have the video which sadly is a bit dark @ times cuz they literally had no lights on but thankfully every hipster in their grandmas sweater had their iPhone lights flashing.

Relentless Dark Days Release Party @ The Spotlight 12-18-11 (photos)

I don’t travel to the North Shore often and for those outside of Mass/New England its basically North of Boston. But last night Relentless had a record release party @ The Spotlight and I was invited to take some photographs and video of the occasion. There was a slew of MC’s in the place to be which included Paranom, DJ Slipwax, Aztec, Rage617, Tragic Allies, J the S, Greater Good, and ofcourse Relentless. The show was real dope and all the MC’s brought their A game. Havent been to a local show in quite sometime, it was good time. Boston was def in the building, and the energy was positive and strong all night. Peace to Vega X, Macabean and Relentless. I got tons of video I need to put up but for now here’s a teaser of some freestyles I got outside.