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Insight and Edan Remind Me That Live HipHop Can Be Good

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Edan is a cool guy I met him once we talked hiphop and ate pizza, then he spun some wild Russian records, I know he DJ’s semi frequently but his live “MC” performances are hard to come by and never mind one where he performs side by side with one someone just as incredible, Insight. Insight is one of those MC, producer, DJ’s that’s just on a whole other level, maybe that’s why him and Edan work so well together? This is some vintage audio, well it’s roughly 10 years old and it’s just a snippit of a live set Insight and Edan did in the UK. This probably around the time Updated Software Ver. 2.5 (which was bundled with a beat program Insight created for you make your own beats) dropped. The two also known as Duplexx show exactly what a live show should sound like performing “Syllables”, using the ever so rare “back and fourth” technique, which is pretty much extinct these days. It’s hard enough to get this right in a studio, never mind during a live set.