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The Geto Boys Live In Boston 6-29-13 (videos)

The legenday Geto Boys from Houston did their first ever show in Boston last night in their 30 years together. What an amazing show and presence they had, im not sure if it was my fanboy inside me (no homo) but this possibly one of the best shows I’ve ever been. They performed a slew of classics from their catalog but never touched on any solo work. Either way what an incredible show. On video 7 Scarface goes into a acoustic guitar and plays “Wish you Were Here” by Pink Floyd.

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Cannibal Ox Reunion Show In Boston (pics/videos)

Last night history was made again… The great Cannibal Ox with their first show in Boston @ The Middle East Upstairs. They performed tracks off their classic album the Cold Vein also alongside with DJ Cip One of Atomz Fam. The Chemistry was still there and the crowd was incredibly hyped, singing a long to every track from The Cold Vein. Only downside…. They didnt do Pigeon or Scream Phoenix (sad face) but they did atleast half the album and killed it. I was incredibly happy to see the duo back also Cip One had some serious juggling skills. If Cannibal Ox is coming near you get out there and support you won’t be disappointed. If they aren’t coming to a spot near you don’t worry I filmed their whole set. I also took a ton of photos click HERE for that. You’ll also find some photos of IRealz and Double AB in there too, and I got videos coming soon of their performances. Peace to Chris Faraone and Leedz.

cann ox 1
cann ox 2
cann ox3
cann ox 4

Danny Brown Live @ The Good Life Boston 5-4-12 (pics/videos)

Bacardi Plus brought Danny Brown to Boston last night and he pretty much tore the place down. Crowd went nuts for him but their were a couple problems… No stage just a roped/chaired off area that people kept pushing and knocking shit over so they basically had 3-4 security guard huddled around Danny during his performance. One other issue was the sound, it might have been the worst sound ive ever heard at a show, they clearly didnt do a mic check before hand which was unfortunate. Bacardi Plus is a foul drink but they throw a great party! And it was awesome how they handed out free drinks and got Danny Brown in Boston who literally tore the place down.Click HERE to see images individually and above you have the video which sadly is a bit dark @ times cuz they literally had no lights on but thankfully every hipster in their grandmas sweater had their iPhone lights flashing.

The Doppelgangaz (videos)

The Doppelgangaz aka The Groggy Pack aka The Ghastly Duo, MatterĀ ov Fact and EP are currently one of my favorite hip-hop groups. The kids are sick, they got raw raps, ill style, dope beats, ill lyrics, and are just rugged. This is a collection of 10 videos they’ve put out, many of which have been dropped on the site before. I gotta spread the word on these cats. I hope they do a show in Boston someday, I’ll swig some rubbing alcohol with them. Beats for Brothels Vol. 2 droppin’ soon.