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Ka – Off The Record (video)

Ka’s latest video Off The Record from The Nights Gambit which is now for sale via his website and every digital outlet or at least iTunes. I’m gonna scoop the vinyl as soon as I can. Ka is solid as fuck and had one of the best albums if not the best last year. This track is ridiculous, if you’re new to hip-hop do yourself a favor and get every album Ka name drops on this track.

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Watch “Ka – Grief Pedigree (video collection)

Ka is the man and imo Grief Pedigree is one of the best of 2012. I was gonna make a playlist of all of Kas videos for Grief Pedigree, after all he made a video for every track on the album, but this saved me the time and effort. It took me a few days to get into Ka but once I did I was hooked, ironically I ordered the vinyl from him last week can’t wait to hear it on wax.