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Sentimental Sunday: Big Mike ft Pimp C – Havin’ Thangs

Every Sunday ill try and post a dope throwback track in either video or mp3 form or possibly first, I been goin’ balls deep into the southern underground lately and this track has been on repeat, R.I.P. Pimp C. One thing is for sure Rap A Lot is one of the tightest labels of all time.

The Crypt Presents: Eastern Conference Records – Game Over (The Best Of E.C. 97-08)

Eastern Conference Records - Game Over

As you  may know Eastern Conference Records put out it’s last record in 2008 with The Best and Worst of Cage, since then the label has been assumed dead. I for one was a big Eastern Conference Records Fan and bought anything that dropped on the label. I’m not saying I held every release in to the highest respect, but I enjoyed quite a few joints off each album. This is my best of Eastern Conference Records album. I pulled joints from each full length album as well as some samplers and specials some hard to find some not so hard to find. These records are all OOP and a few of them are available via iTunes I suggest you copp some of their stuff if you enjoy the mixtape. And I hope I can help put some new heads on to what I thought was a good label for it’s time. The compilation is 76 tracks long and almost 5 hours of material, so this will give you lots of replay value. Enjoy.

#     Artist             Title
1    Tame One    Tame az It Ever Wuz
2    Smut Peddlers    Bottom Feeders ft R.A. The Rugged Man
3    Reef The Lost Cauze    Fair One (Feat Sean Price)
4    Copywrite    Badabing
5    Akinyele    Yo
6    Cage    Summer In Hell
7    High and Mighty    Rumble
8    Nighthawks    Count Crackula (Featuring Space)
9    Sub-Conscious    Freshman Friday
10    Weathermen    Let The Games Begin
11    High & Mighty    B-Boy Document ’99 (ft Mos Def And Mad Skillz)
12    Smut Peddlers    Red Light
13    The Weathermen    Beverly Crabs (Ft. Cage)
14    Vast Aire    Buck 50 Express
15    Eastern Conference Records    Gut You
16    Smut Peddlers    Bart Burnt Vs. Sherm Penn
17    High & Mighty    Crack The Egg (ft. Ruck aka Sean Price)
18    The High & Mighty    The Meaning
19    Reef The Lost Cauze    Live As It Gets
20    The Weathermen    React Shun (Ft. Jakki, Copywrite & Tame One)
21    Chief Kamachi & The Juju Mob    Never Walk Alone
22    Big Daddy Kane    The Jump Off
23    Cage    Underground Rapstar
24    DJ Mighty Mi    Nighthawks – Cop Hell (remix)
25    Eastern Conference All Stars    All In Together
26    The High & Mighty – Live form the Bullpen (Ft Cage & Tame One)
27    The High & Mighty     Cheese Factory (Ft Copywrite)
28    Leak Bros    Got Wet
29    The High & Mighty    You Don’t Wanna Fuck Wit (Feat. Havoc & R.A. The Rugged Man )
30    Smut Peddlers    Stank MC’s ft Kool Keith
31    Yak Ballz    Queens Life
32    The Weathermen    Chris Lighty (Ft. Vast Aire & Camu Tao)
33    Tame One    When Rappers Attack
34    The UN    It’s Over
35    Weathermen    5 Left in the Clip
36    Smut Peddlers    The Hole Repertoire
37    Cage    The Left Hand Path
38    DJ Mighty Mi    Vast Aire and Mr Eon-High Heat
39    Copywrite    Tower of Babel (ft Smut Peddlers)
40    Chief Kamachi    The Best (Feat. Guru)
41    The Weathermen    Come To Daddy (Ft. Cage & Camu Tao)
42    Vast Aire    Buttafly Knife
43    Tame One; Y@K Ballz    High Fidelity
44    High & Mighty    Last Hit (ft. Eminem)
45    Eastern Conference All Stars    Eastern Conference All Stars.
46    The High & Mighty    Dirty Decibels feat. Pharoahe Monch
47    Chief Kamachi    Still Searching
48    Akinyele    ak-nel the great
49    The High & Mighty     Standing Room Only (Ft Cage)
50    Smut Peddlers    One By One (ft. Cage And Mr E)
51    Yak Ballz    My Claim
52    High & Mighty    Hands On Experience (ft El-P And Bo)
53    DJ Mighty Mi    Cage – Crowd Killer (remix)
54    Tame One    Moment I Feared
55    Sub-Conscious    Berzerkowitz
56    Reef The Lost Cauze    Sound Of Philadelphia
57    The High & Mighty    More In Outs (Feat. Cage)
58    Chief Kamachi & The Juju Mob    Black Of Dawn
59    DJ Mighty Mi    Cage – Stargate
60    Kool Keith    Thug or What?
61    Smut Peddlers    My Rhyme Ain’t Done
62    The Weathermen    Fried Fish (Ft. Breeze Brewin, Tame One & Cage)
63    Cage    Among The Sleep
64    Copywrite    Holier Than Thou
65    High & Mighty    Star Destroyers (ft. Ruck aka Sean Price)
66    Leak Bros    Follow The Liters
67    Sub-Conscious    Overtime
68    Yak Ballz    Pimped Out f/ Cage & Bobby Atlas
69    Tame One    Toxic
70    The Weathermen    Volume (Ft. Yak Ballz)
71    High & Mighty    In-Outs (Featuring Cage)
72    Copywrite    June
73    Smut Peddlers    Medicated Minutes
74    Yak Ballz    Method To Madness
75    Nighthawks  N.R.A.
76    Cage    Ballad of Worms

Total Tracks: 76
Duration: 4h 51m 26s