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M-Dot – Done (Prod. Apollo Brown)

I’ve known M-Dot for a long time. Probably close to 15 years. I’ve been listening to his music for just as long anf if you’re a viewer of the site then you know we’re big fans of our Bostonian brother. This time he teams with Apollo Brown and serves M-Dot with just an incredible beat for him to rock to and rock to it he does. To out it plainly this might be my favorite M-Dot track yet. Lyrically M-Dot is at the top of the game and gives an incredible concept track. I won’t spoil it you’ll just have to listen.s

Salute! Peep the track above or click this link to hear it on all available streaming services.

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Apollo Brown and Che’ Noir – Freedom

Apollo Brown and Che’ Noir release a powerful track called FREEDOM.

“‘Freedom’ was a song I wrote at the end of 2019. It was before the George Floyd murder and before all the protesting and looting started  happening in the US. It’s a song that I feel like my people needed at the time, not even realizing months later that I would be witnessing the biggest revolution of my lifetime. “The art of war, it’s a meaning behind the message, you don’t need a gun or sword if you treat ya mind as the weapon” is my favorite line in the song. My people have to stay 10 steps ahead mentally in order to fight this battle with the institutional and systemic racism we fight on the daily. Our anger and frustration right now is justified.”
-Che Noir

“This is one of those songs that is not only completely relevant for today’s climate, but at all times. We made this song without knowing the uprising that would be happening soon thereafter. It’s a great song, and Ché’s expression is all truth. It was only right that we share it with you all at this moment.”
-Apollo Brown

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Has-Lo – Hindsight prod. Apollo Brown (video)

Fuckin sick shit by Has-Lo and Apollo Brown totally forgot about this dude, soon as I heard this I scooped the Conversation B vinyl which is in very limited pressing right now. Apparently “In Case i Don’t make it” is also getting a vinyl release but can’t find a link to purchase or pre-order anywhere but I’d keep your eyes on