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Blu – Thelonius King (remix)

Here’s an exclusive for ya, this dropped on Record Store Day as the B-side to OG Version that includes R.A. The Rugged Man and Tri-State (GOAT). This remix has the same dope beat produced by Bombay but includes an extra verse or two from Blu. The end result is very nice, ripped this vinyl if you see this rip anywhere else you know where they got it from.

Has Lo – Light Years (J-Zone Remix)

Has Lo is a name I’ve seen around for a couple years but I havent really paid any attention to him or any new rapper for that matter but when you or someone teams up with J-Zone then I get interested this a joint by Has Lo and produced by you guessed it J-Zone, Has Lo has got some skills and J-Zone is still on his funky and original beats that ive loved for over a decade.