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The Empty Threats Show Episodes 4,5,6 (Apathy, Stu Bangas, Celph Titled, Jake-One)


Slew of guests on these 3 streams I gotta shout out to my people @ Brutal Music Vanderslice and Stu Bangas as well as Dustmightz sorry I havent been able to hook it up I been without net for over a month so im doing my best brothers. Here’s the hook up for the last 3 weeks special guests include, Apathy, Stu Bangas, Celph Titled, and Jake-One.

Empty Threats Podcast – Episode-Four – (8-18-11) Music Submissions and Reviews by GreenSteez

Empty Threats Podcast – Episode-Five Ft. Apathy, Stu Bangaz, and Celph Titled (8-25-11) by GreenSteez

Empty Threats Podcast – Episode-Six ft. Jake One (9-1-11) by GreenSteez