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Boom Bap Project – Hagler vs. Hearns

Boom Bap Project of Oldominion out of Portland, Oregon are back! It’s been a long ass time and today they drop an homage to one of the greatest boxing matches ever, Hagler VS Hearns, RIP Hagler. This one’s produced by Trox and off their forthcoming album “Return Flight!”.

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Lord Have Mercy – Sword and Shield (mixtape)

Many years ago Lord Have Mercy the deep voiced spitter from the Flipmode Squad briefly had a website. On that website he hosted this mixtape called Sword and Shield which I believe was the name of his label he was putting out music under. I can’t recall if I named the mixtape myself or if was already named but anyways, he had the songs hosted individually so I had to download all the joints and for some reason track 8 would not download or if it did the file was corrupted, boo.

The next day or week I went to re-download track 8 and the website was down and never came back or if it did this was longer up. Nobody knew Lord Have Mercy had a website so I’m assuming nobody downloaded the album except me. I later hosted the 20+ joints I had on my blog among other various sites and it gained a lot of attention and the question of can we have more Lord Have Mercy!

@dartadams aka the bastard swordsman today mentioned Lord Have on his Twitter which reminded me of this leak. I did a quick Googles and didn’t see this mentioned anywhere so not sure if it’s been lost. But here’s the mixtape in its full glory minus track 8 ofcourse. Download below.


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Nathan Haskill – Cannon Fodder

The brother Nathan Haskill is back with other killer joint called Cannon Fodder. Expect a lot of great references and bars galore on this release, as well as some crushing beats as Dustmightz is back to the boards serving some fire as well midiclorian and fuzzy Dunlop. Give this album a spin and support if you can Nathan is top tier.

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