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Has-Lo – Hindsight prod. Apollo Brown (video)

Fuckin sick shit by Has-Lo and Apollo Brown totally forgot about this dude, soon as I heard this I scooped the Conversation B vinyl which is in very limited pressing right now. Apparently “In Case i Don’t make it” is also getting a vinyl release but can’t find a link to purchase or pre-order anywhere but I’d keep your eyes on

Has Lo – Light Years (J-Zone Remix)

Has Lo is a name I’ve seen around for a couple years but I havent really paid any attention to him or any new rapper for that matter but when you or someone teams up with J-Zone then I get interested this a joint by Has Lo and produced by you guessed it J-Zone, Has Lo has got some skills and J-Zone is still on his funky and original beats that ive loved for over a decade.