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Voice of Art: Graffiti Against The System (episode 1)

Graffiti is a thriving life force in Oakland. Meet GATS (Graffiti Against The System), an artist for whom the city is one endless canvas to connect with the people. Times are rough in “The O,” as GATS plans to write a poem throughout the city.

Film School with R.A. The Rugged Man (part 1)

R.A. droppin’ knowledge. Funny story, I was once listening to R.A. fairly recently inparticular his verse of Ruste Juxx’s new album Hard Body HipHop. R.A. had a line saying he was playing death at chess, which I had immediately known that was a Seventh Seal reference and if you’re like me, and into foreign films and classic then you knew it was about the Ingmar Bergman classic. So being the dork I am I hit him on twitter like great reference you dropped in that new track about Seventh Seal and R.A. hit me back with this.