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Lewis Parker ft TRAC and John Robinson – Tic Tac Toe (video)

And here’s another one by the incredible Lewis Parker featuring none other than Lil’ Sci aka John Robinson and TRAC. This track is sooo good, I can’t say it enough Lewis Parker has that Midas touch every verse is ill. This beat is sooo banging it was produced and arranged by Drumz&LLingo for KicDrum Products as kindly pointed out by LLIngo, that bassline makes me wanna punch faces, straight up mean mug music. Seriously the beat matches these 3 MC’s soo good. Also if you been sleeping on Lewis and like him and Lil’ Sci together look for the Shark EP which features John Robinson as well, still wish I hadnt snoozed on the vinyl release..

Lewis Parker – Game of Charades

Since i threw up that other Lewis Parker joint I figured I’d lace you’s with this as well. Once again off KingUnderground.

The track is a remake of the ‘Fake Charades’ song that featured on Lewis Parker’s first full length LP ‘Masquerades & Sillhouettes’ back in 1998′. The beat has been reworked in the SP-1200 and the vocals have been rapped again! Also features the instrumental version too!