Slick Rick Fail?

Slick Rick is one of my favorite rappers, hands down. I’ve seen him many times live and he’s delivered every time. This was one of the worst performances I’ve ever heard, I say heard cuz you cant really see it. Last night at the Nets game Rick took to the floor and had a train wreck, Ricky is off beat and struggles to get through the songs, rumors around the web were that Slick Rick was being boo’d terribly. The problem here is I don’t think its The Rulers fault, I think this was a engineer/production fuck up. Slick Rick is a legend and top 5 of all time despite what Isola said, whom got the fury via twitter last night. What do you think about this? Were you at the game? was Rick off or was it a behind the scenes issue? I’m guessing his audio wasnt synched correctly.

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