So Shyheim Killed A Guy On NYE…

Shyheim aka The Rugged Child has been around for years and has rocked with the best from very young age. He possesses a talent that few people have, he’s a skilled rhymer and a master of words. Sadly, Shy keeps having strings of bad luck sided with making incredibly poor decisions. Shy has been busted for and imprisoned for armed robbery, he’s been busted with stolen guns, there was recently a raid at his crib which we reported on here that had Shyheim possessing a bunch of heroin and guns and a grip of money… Things are looking grim for Shyheim but we kept our heads up as fans. On NYE this year Shyheim was reportedly driving a friends car when he blew a stop sign and smashed into a young mans car named Felipe Avila destroying his Toyota and killing him. Shyheim apparently smashed into a second car, when his vehicle halted and Shyheim fled on foot. Shy turned himself in over a week later, which was pretty noble… Well, unless his boy ratted him out thus forcing Shyheim to turn himself in, which isnt hard to believe if this dude just totaled my brand new Volvo S80 and then left me behind to catch the fall theres no telling what could happen lol.
shyheim fail
Shyheim released a youtube video before turning himself asking fans to donate money to his lawyer to help with his fees etc. the video was taken down by youtube and apparently the victims family are disgusted by Shyheims disgraceful please for money from fans.

“Yo, to all of my family, friends and fans, reaching out, being (sic) support. You know, I’m in a lot of trouble right now and I need help for my legal defense so I can have a fair shot in court,”

“Thank you for your love, loyalty, respect, trust and honor,”

response from the loved ones was not good towards Shyheim

Asuncion Mendez, Avila’s longtime girlfriend, railed against that message, saying in Spanish that anyone who gives him money is just as culpable in her mind.

“How’s he going to ask for help because he killed somebody? He doesn’t have consideration,” she said, as her daughter, Tatiana, translated into English.

Avila’s family sent his body back to Mexico Wednesday, Tatiana Mendez said.

Family friend Cesar Victoria said he’s doing a fundraiser of his own — for Avila’s loved ones in Mexico. The show, which will take place Saturday night at a club at 108 Victory Blvd., will have a video tribute, and Victoria said he plans to sample Franklin’s video so people there know what he’s saying.

“He killed a friend to me, a brother to me. How he can do that, I can’t believe,” Victoria said after seeing the video.

He’s held on $250,000 bail until his next court date, on Tuesday. Things don’t look good for Shyheim and as a long time fan, it’s hard for me to say I don’t feel bad for him. Especially after reading this article and interview with friends and family of the victim. I hope Shyheim can redeem himself some how, but so far I don’t think he’s gone about this the right way.

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