R.I.P. Spiega of Monsta Island Czars

It’s with great sadness that I learned today of Spiega’s passing. A longtime member of the acclaimed and elusive Monsta Island Czars crew. Spiega was an extremely talented and raw MC and he will be missed greatly. I helped push a solo album of his years ago via the site and I’ll try and get that up later today so his memory will live on through his music.

Hi my name is Dawn St. Clair and my best friend and children’s father died suddenly November 10 from a bicycle accident. He left behind 2 beautiful boys aged 22 and 15, and a whole host of friends and family who loved him. We need help to give him a beautiful service dedicated to his memory. Any help would be appreciated

There’s a gofundme I’m posting below if you can please donate.


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