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Prodigy Mural in QB Defaced in Just 24 Hours.. 

It’s a great day when two Artists get together to create something incredible to honor the fallen. Just a couple days ago across from the QUEENSBRIDGE Housing project Jeff Henriquez and Eli Lazare did just that immortalizing Prodigy of Mobb Deep a true legend in the hiphop game on 13th and 40th Street in Queens.
 That was brought to an abrupt end when dick heads Defaced the Mural not less than 24 hours after its completion. I hope they find the mumble rap fans who did this and skin them alive. People suck. 

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Gameboy Cassette Cases



Reddit user @aloehart really outbid himself with these amazing Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance cases.Looks like he utilized some cassette cases he probably had lying around.If you’d like to make your own he’s ben gracious enough to provide a link where you can start working on your very own win PhotoShop.


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