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Raekwon’s OB4CL2 vs Inspectah Deck and 7L/Esoteric CZARFACE

I was requested to start video blogging, I’ll be doing retrospective, verses and album reviews and anything else I can manage to get in. This will act as a companion piece to The HipHopHeads Podcast. In my opinion the best 2 Wu-Tang releases since Supreme Clientele have been OB4CL2 and CZARFACE. In This video I debate with myself on which was the better release? Which do you think was better?

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Freeway – “What We Do” Live in Boston (video)

This past weekend at The Geto Boys show local MC Staxx announced he had a special guest in the building and earlier in the night the host said that Freeway was in the building but everyone forgot atleast I did. All of sudden during Staxx set Freeway emerged out of nowhere blessing dude with a track (below) and drove all the from Philly to do it. Then for a little bonus he performed “What We Do”. Check it out.

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Spring Breakers (review)

I’ve been anticipating this flick for quite sometime, not because of the Riff Raffesque James Franco but because I’m a fan of Harmony Korine. I saw Spring Breakers this weekend, Korine’s style is mad unorthodox but wicked good. Some scenes blew me away namely the Piano scene and the Billiards scene, were great and wonderfully shot and both different ends of the spectrum. One showed a frightened young church girl begging to go back home breaking down and biting off a bit more than she could chew. And the other scene showing he girls with no fear and living for the moment, for the experience. The acting by the girls and Franco were really top notch at times. Franco was on point the whole flick, he’s an incredible actor but spots by Gucci Mane weren’t great and seemed forced he had no emotion(it’s possible this is what they were going for). The film was shot great but I think the slow motion party w/ nudity montages were cool at first (the intro) but as the film went on it got a lil old we don’t need to see 10 minute party scenes shot in slow motion but i loved seeing the crotch, ass and titties (kinda).

This movie was overall really “cool” but I’ll be honest I felt uncomfortable and old watching it. The music matched the film well but I’m not a “club guy” so not really my shit. For the first time in my life I felt guilty about looking at women’s crotches and tits and it made me feel like Korine might be a pedo. But I kept thinking these girls are over 18 it’s ok, it wasn’t ok. One thing I learned while watching this movie is that Selena Gomez has really nice lips. The movie went a 1000mph but seemed real slow at times. So in the end I’d say the movie had some positive and negatives.

Hot Chicks, Crotch, ass, lips, and titties.
Drugs, alcohol, sex
violence, gangster ass James Franco
Britney Spears piano scene
Soundtrack fit the movie well
Guns, Guns, Guns!

Slow moving
Feeling like a creep
Gucci Mane’s sub par role
Slow motion party scenes were one too many
Repetitive script, in other words they’d repeat a narrative multiple times, why I dunno? It was odd.

So there’s a breakdown of some positives and negatives of the movie IMO. It was good and the editor probably had the best job in the biz doing this flick, but it wasn’t great. Not a movie I’d tell everyone to see. I give it a 3/5.


Canibus vs Dizaster…. Can he bus? No he can’t…

You may or may not know that one of the biggest battles ever took place last night. It’s been hyped for months and we been hyping it as well, it’s sponsored by our friends Planet X Records and they even flew out from Boston to catch the show. The word around the cypher is Canibus choked hard. I think everyone was expecting Bis to drop gems as hes done on dozens of tracks over the years. In my opinion Canibus had a lot riding on this. He’s dropped multiple albums, some classic records, some classic diss tracks, has stolen the show on multiple albums and last night he threw it all away to battle Dizaster of KOTD and failed his peers and fans.

I’m a big fan of Canibus and that can be seen cuz I post his stuff semi regularly. While I’m not a fan of all his shit their is a good chunk of it which I do love, his work with the Lost Boyz is timeless. Last night was just horror show, Canibus started semi strong in the first round with some good lines, some used lines, which had the crowd roaring, and he looked like he was having fun but 3:00 mins into round one he just toppled. One moment the crowd was loving Canibus hanging on every word then all of sudden… Silence. The crowd chanted for him kinda like Ali vs Holmes but this time Holmes hadn’t even fought back yet. What could’ve been another shining moment in a pretty good career turned into a black cloud of shame which I believe won’t leave the realm of Canibus’s head for some time. He even resorted to pulling out the loose leaf and tried to spit off paper which ended ironically in a disaster.

Sadly, I think that was the end of Canibus unless he does another battle for the love. I’m sure it was bittersweet for Dizaster putting the ol’ dog to sleep. I know this post seems like let’s hate Canibus but I don’t  i’ll always check for Canibus material and support whatever he does, and i’ll do my best to try and erase this from the memory banks. But props to him for giving it a go not backing out, and showing up in a sling for some reason. I think many rappers wouldn’t have the guts to do this sort of thing knowing whats on the line especially when you’re a legend but 99% of the dudes from his era wouldn’t be up for the challenge, never mind show up for it. The debate of LL vs Canibus will never end but it’s crystal clear  who won this one. Props to Dizaster.

I guess real rappers bleed in the trenches…. – Canibus KOTD

Review: Attack The Block


Attack the Block is a film I’ve had been waiting months to see and it finally arrived in Boston this week. Me and my boy trooped down to the common to check it out last night and damn this was a great a movie! It was straight forward, not a lot of filler and no uneccessary scenes. It was bad ass the whole way thru. I hung on every second of this film and even had me jumping out of my seat a few times. The aliens were incredible and mysterious. One observation about sci fi flicks in general, whenever they wanna show an alien they hype it up and you wait the whole movie and you’re usually bummed by the outcome with some corny alien. Attack the block was different in a sense where the aliens really can’t be seen even when there right on top of you so it always left the mystery kinda wide open yea you know what the aliens look like but you really don’t know.

Well if I were you (reader) id see this movie pronto, I know its not a wide release, but I have a feeling this movie is gonna blow the fuck up via netflix and other online sources. Attack the block I feel will be a household name very soon, and for good reason the movie had it all, and it did it well. Loved the slang in the movie as well reminded of the mid nineties hip hop era in a way, from the dress and the speech it was quite refreshing. Attack the Block was A+ and I suggest you get on it right awayy.