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LL Cool J Kicks A Freestyle While Jam Master Jay Is On The Tables

Dope freestyle courtesy of LL Cool J and Jam Master Jay. I’m still happy about seeing JMJ spin a few months before he was murdered.

Dr. Butcher: That was not Jam-Master Jay, that was [Jay] Philpot [the second Cut Creator] his DJ on the turntables when he was rhyming. Run-DMC was performing after him, so when he’s freestyling he’s talking about Run in that rhyme. They were walking in and that’s why he wouldn’t let go the mic – he had something to say to Run because they weren’t getting along. Then they took the mic from him and pushed him off stage so Run-DMC could perform.

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Big Fun In The Big Town x Ice-T (Documentary)

This is a foreign documentary dating back to the golden era of hiphop, although it’s foreign it’s done in America so they talking is just subtitled, vintage interviews with Grandmaster Flash (among others) and showing and explaining his DJ sets and why the MC/rappin’ was necessary. Vintage freestyles, Dougie Fresh and Biz Markie beatboxing, a young LL Cool J talkin bout loving ladies and just straight up hiphop culture at its finest. And then you have the Ice-T documentary on top of it by the same team. I suggest everyone should watch this.