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My Main Man Pat: Madvillain

 This week My Main Man Pat’s got some dope Madvillain designs check em out below.



Well folks, we have arrived at week 100 and I’m giving myself a gift to celebrate. If you’ve been following the site for a minute, you can probably guess my personal favorite MC, and if not this week’s designs should make it clear. His name is MF DOOM, and the fact that both of these are related to my favorite album of his is just the icing on the cake.

As promised last week, I’d also like to give you a little something to mark the occasion. So, everyone who replies to this email with a link their personal favorite MF DOOM track in the body will be entered in a draw to win a free tee. For every 10 entries I get I will add another free shirt so your odds will be pretty good and I’m really looking forward to this playlist.

Big shouts to the artists, first time collaborator Jacob Hoopes and practical resident Ready2Rumbl, for making this week possible. The designers are the main reason we’ve come this far and these two will have a ton of personal meaning.

Finally, biggups to all of you for getting us here! I don’t think I have to explain how none of this would be possible without your support, but did want to add that it goes further just the dollars. Your feedback has shaped the site, and most of our growth has been because of you rocking our gear and telling your friends. I can’t thank you enough fam, looking forward to the next 100.




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My Main Man Pat: MF DOOM

Another week and more excellent design schemes from our MAIN MAN PAT!

It’s a full blown DOOM takeover this week at My Main Man Pat. Normally, we like to spread the love in terms of the rappers we pay homage to but these ones needed to be displayed side by side. On one side we’ve got Ready2Rumbl’s record holding 26th collabo, on the other Brandon Treadwell’s first. Both of these fine men have clearly figured out the quickest path to our hearts though, and if you know me you know it’s going to be a good week for the speakers.

Big shouts to Stephen G. for taking down last week’s free shirt contest with his suggestion of the “Mathematics” sample. Matter of fact, big shouts to all those who sent in your submissions, it was a ton of fun going through them all. We will definitely be running another one soon so stay tuned.

Enjoy the next seven days and keep those fazers on stun,


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MF Doom – Bookfiend (prod. Clams Casino)

Today the internet graces us with a new track from the elusive DOOM… This one is produced by Clams Casino who has a shit ton of people going nuts for his beats but I for one have not, yet. There was a time where I was the biggest MF Doom fan and still am to some degree, but I haven’t really liked much of his material since Mmmm Food… This track is eh, uh, err, umm, ok.