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Cage – The Hunt

Cage drops the artwork for his new album “Kill The Architect” and drop the first single “The Hunt’ He also announced the album will drop on Eastern Conference Records and have production by Dj Mighty Mi, we’re not sure if it will exclusively be by him yet though. Guess we’ll find out October 22nd.

RIP Kubrick



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Cage and Mighty Mi To Release New EP

It some very stunning news, it looks like Cage will work with Mighty Mi again! I wonder if Cage will go back to spittin over boom bap instead ca crap. The 2 have changed a lot musically over the years Cage going indy rock emo style and Mighty Mi becoming a techno DJ or something in Las Vegas, I wonder if they can deliver like in the past, well have to wait and see.  I can’t wait to hear what the two cook up.