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EP From The Doppelgangaz Supports Trump…. 

In a weird turn of events it seems that EP of The Doppelgangaz Supports Donald Trump very heavy. Earlier today I was sent over to the homie Cole James Cash fb where he ripped EP which Imo was well deserved if these are his views.  I’m all about support and giving people the benefit of doubt even Donald Trump. I have nothing against anyone who likes Trump or voted for Trump. I know many people who did do i dislike them? No. We share different political views and that’s fine. 

EP though seems to be caught up in the mix. His support of Donald Trump is fine he’s been vocal about it on his fb page. It seemed like a trolling maybe it is.  EP and the Doppelgangaz like to have fun they love to joke and overall shouldn’t be taken too serious. EP’s latest rants on Facebook have been disturbing. And as a proud Mexican I can honestly say EP has lost a fan with me if these are his views. Which sucks Cuz I think the Doppelgangaz are one of the best if not the best group of the past 10 years. And I like EP a lot really cool. Dude the couple times I’ve met him.  I don’t know how Matter Ov Fact puts up with this if that’s really his views, also it makes me think that Matt also covers the twitter as you see the tweet above lol. 
I want to say peace to Cole James Cash I voted his album he dropped a couple years as one of the best of the year and admittedly his street fighter album is just as good. Check out his music,  he supports the people not the corporations or money grabbing pieces of crap he’s also a fellow Mexican show him some love. Peace to the supervisor as well. I hope EP isn’t serious with all this. 

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