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Danny Brown Live @ The Good Life Boston 5-4-12 (pics/videos)

Bacardi Plus brought Danny Brown to Boston last night and he pretty much tore the place down. Crowd went nuts for him but their were a couple problems… No stage just a roped/chaired off area that people kept pushing and knocking shit over so they basically had 3-4 security guard huddled around Danny during his performance. One other issue was the sound, it might have been the worst sound ive ever heard at a show, they clearly didnt do a mic check before hand which was unfortunate. Bacardi Plus is a foul drink but they throw a great party! And it was awesome how they handed out free drinks and got Danny Brown in Boston who literally tore the place down.Click HERE to see images individually and above you have the video which sadly is a bit dark @ times cuz they literally had no lights on but thankfully every hipster in their grandmas sweater had their iPhone lights flashing.