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Big Shug ft Slaine, Termanology, REKS and Singapore Kane – For The Real

big shug and vega
This is another one off Bug Shugs latest album I.M. 4 EVA this time featuring Boston’s best, the album also comes with a hard cover book called The History Of Gangstarr, here’s a taste from the book

“I remember telling Guru I thought Solaar was a sucker. I asked him to get some water, and we were performing on stage, and he said OK but he didn’t do it. I was like ‘Yo, does your boy think he’s part of the clique?’ And then he started being out with Guru but not us. We were in Utah and Guru actually left with that dude, he left the tour. We had two shows to do. Guru left and we ended up doing the show without him, a Gang Starr show. We did mad songs, Premier DJed and did a lot of the joints, we had the crowd singing along or whatever. It was crazy. Guru called me afterwards and said he and Solaar wanted to tour but that he wanted to bring me too. He wanted me to speak to his boy Solaar. This was when Solaar was still new with him. I said, ‘Yea I’ll speak to the boy.’ He put him on, and he said something, and because of the way I was talking to him, Guru said ‘Yo, I don’t feel how you talking to my man,’ shit like that. Then he said ‘We ain’t even gonna take you.’ Then I started screaming on them, both of em. I never heard from them again after that shit. Next thing you know I was speaking at the memorial. “

Big Shug, Avirex, Singapore Kane, Krumb Snatcha and M-Dot – Think Twice


It’s that Beantown shit kiddos, Big Shug, Sing, Avirex, Krumb and M-Dot produced by Reef Ali w/ cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa. Beats smash and each MC delivers and is it me or the past 3-4 years Krumb has been extra grimey. Peace to M-Dot and EMS fam. Click on DOWNLOAD HERE for mp3 files of the Instrumental, Acapella, Clean, and Dirty versions of the joint click on DOWNLOAD for .WAV + MP3′s formats of what I just mentioned