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Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP 2 Tracklist


MMLP 2 November 5th 2013

1. Bad Guy
2. Parking Lot (Skit)
3. Rhyme Or Reason
4. So Much Better
5. Survival
6. Legacy
7. !! Ft. Skylar Grey
8. Berzerk
9. Rap God
10. Brainless
11. Stronger Than I Was
12. The Monster Ft. Rihanna
13. So Far…
14. Love Game Ft. Kendrick Lamar
15. Headlights Ft. Nate Ruess
16. Evil Twin



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Bun B’s Coloring Book Now Available On Amazon

Rap Game Bob Ross.

Rapper Bun B lends his street cred and occasionally his face to the creative, hilarious, and just flat-out fun imaginings of Shea Serrano in Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity Book. Described by the Washington Post as “what every hip-hop head wishes they had as a child,” this imaginative work started as a series of printable rap-related coloring and activity images. The 48-page, fully interactive book of coloring pages, unbelievably clever activities, and smart plays on rap culture brings these stars and their music right into your living room.Featured rappers include:
Bun B
Queen Latifah
Talib Kweli
Wiz Khalifa
Big Boi
Childish Gambino
Mac Miller

And many, many more!

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Dmx Runs Naked Through Hotel

Dmx made headlines again today after video surfaced of him streaking through a hotel in Michigan prior to his show in Detroit on August 30th.

His publicist released this quote earlier; ”DMX was a[t] Detroit hotel with his DJ (DJ NonStop) and his road manager (Montana) before his performance with Eve and Lil Kim on August 31st. X and the team were killing time at the hotel before the concert and dared each other to streak in the hallway. No one was aware that security cameras were rolling and it was just a playful dare between friends,” read the statement from DMX’s publicist.

I dont think I’m alone in thinking DMX having a publicist is the most shocking part about this story. Video below

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R.I.P. Fung Wah Bus


I learned the other day that the incredible Fung Wah bus company was shut down by the FEDS the other day for being the sketchiest busing business in the modern part of the world. Their business tactics are very crude and they’ve been involved in multiple deaths over the years. The FEDS asked for their safety records and FUNG WAH apparently refused. I used to ride this bus back in the day and it was the cheapest way to back and fourth from Boston to NY and for a measly 20 bucks round trips you couldn’t lose, unless of course you didn’t make the whole trip which was always a possibility. But I’m sad to see it go and I’ll miss the days of shoving people to get aboard the FUNG WAH before all the seats were taken.


Federal authorities have revoked the operating authority of Fung Wah, effectively shutting down the discount bus line after the company blocked access to its safety records.

The Boston-based carrier, which pioneered low fares to New York, was forced to stop running out of South Station Tuesday night after state inspections revealed substantial cracks in the frames of many of its vehicles. The federal order prevents Fung Wah from moving to another location and leasing buses from another company.

Fung Wah stopped cooperating with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Friday, federal officials said, and the agency immediately halted the company’s operations. It is the first time the Motor Carrier Safety Administration has exercised this authority, provided by a new law that allows the agency to revoke the operating authority of bus companies that refuses to release safety records.

“We will not hesitate to immediately shut down a bus or truck company that ignores safety regulations and puts innocent lives at risk,” agency administrator Anne Ferro said in a statement. “We will employ every tool we have to take unsafe commercial drivers, vehicles and entire companies off the road anywhere in the county at any time.”

Fung Wah declined to comment.

The state Department of Public Utilities conducted several inspections of Fung Wah buses in February, finding problems including cracks in the drive axle and engine cradle in eight of the nine buses it inspected. Last week, the state asked Fung Wah to take all its buses built before 2005 off the road — 21 out of its total fleet of 28 — and asked federal authorities to shut down the bus line.

On Tuesday, the Motor Carrier Safety Administration ordered Fung Wah to stop operating its entire fleet until the buses could be inspected and repaired. The bus company continued to operate using charter buses until the managers at South Station Bus Terminal ordered Fung Wah to halt all operations later that day.

If the bus line opens up its safety records, submits to a full compliance review, and presents a corrective action plan, it could seek reinstatement, federal authorities said.

The DPU supports the shut down Fung Wah, said spokeswoman Mary-Leah Assad.

“The department will continue conducting thorough inspections of all bus lines to ensure that public safety is protected, and continue to cooperate with the federal investigation into Fung Wah,” she said in a statement.

Fung Wah has a history of crashes and other safety violations. In the past two years, it has been cited for 159 maintenance violations, including 23 instances of cracked, loose, or broken frames, according to federal regulators. Its drivers are ranked in the bottom 3 percent of drivers nationwide based on experience and training, and its unsafe driving rating is below the industry standard.

Drivers have racked up a dozen speeding violations in the past two years and been cited six times for failure to speak English or operating without a commercial driver’s license, according to federal regulators.

Who’s Beard Reigns Supreme?: Joe Budden vs Drake

joe vs drake

The question on everyone’s mind is, who’s beard is better? Joe Budden or Drake? We all know that Drake has one immaculate line up with his hairline that starts just shy of his eyebrows, but does Bababooeys doppelganger have what it takes in the beard department to tackle the king of facial hair, Joe Budden? Jumpoff Joes beard is pretty intense and looks like someone painted it on with a brush or possibly with the spray paint hair bald people had in the 90′s. It kinda looks like he’s related to Mexican wolfman face family. Either way both beards are a close shave. But who’s beard reigns supreme? Tell us in the poll.

TheCrypt x Iron Maiden

So I went to Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper last night with The Harmonizer and had a blast! Alice Cooper was disappointing and his best song of the night was Schools Out For Summer. Iron Maiden started slow but by the 3rd song they hit their rhythm, although the sound was straight up asshole. It seemed that every time you wanted to shout a long the damn mic would go out and you couldnt hear the singer. It was cool he actually singing but the mic wasnt right. The band killed it some of the best guitar solos I’ve seen. I’d def see Maiden again and the Eddie shit was incredible. He roamed the stage looking like General Custar swinging a giant sword. Then later it was the Eddie Sphinx spitting fire and shit looking crazy. Really brought me back and as you can see from the pics the place was a time warp although the beer prices were 2020 lol.